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One Night in Barcelona

One Night in Barcelona :

One Night in Barcelona sexJean was excited to be on her dream holiday – in Barcelona. 6 days in the sun, a chance to escape kids and work and rain, on holiday with her best friend Debbie. Jean and Debbie were friends from school days, although both now 41. They now lived apart some distance, Debbie having gone away to college, and then work. Occasionally they had holidayed together. Often they visited each other. Weekly they chatted on skype. Through all their ups and downs in life, particularly for Jean after her disastrous marriage which she somehow sustained for 14 years, they had remained good friends. Now, following her divorce Jean was having her first holiday without husband or children in tow.

Jean loved her children who had stayed with her after the divorce, but was delighted her parents would look after them for the week. It was her first real holiday after the break-up from her husband eighteen months before, and was thrilled to be going with Debbie her best friend. Over the eighteen months Jean had one or two short-term relationships, and somehow with nicer men than her husband, was beginning to enjoy sex, but this holiday seemed like freedom for the first time ever.

So they had arrived on the Tuesday in Barcelona.

Both had enjoyed sight-seeing. Particularly some of the Gaudi buildings. Both had enjoyed shopping. Both had enjoyed time on the beach catching some sun. Both had enjoyed the food. Now it was Saturday evening. They had eaten, then ended up in a busy bar about half a mile from their hotel.

The bar was busy, seats a premium, but they were surprised to find themselves surrounded by six guys. It wasn’t the being surrounded part, it was because the guys were English, all in their twenties, a group of friends from a rugby club in south London, away for a stag weekend. They were friendly, and quickly chatting to Jean and Debbie.

Jean struggled to remember all their names, but knew Charlie was the groom to be, and his best man Miles. There was a Pete in the group, as well as a Tony. With hindsight Jean never could remember the names of the other two.

The men were friendly, happy to chat and find out a bit about the two women, “stunned” to discover their ages: “thought you were only about thirty,” Pete commented.

The group chatted through the evening, the guys keeping Jean and Debbie in drinks. They were friendly, but they were also rugby players, and the evening had its “bawdier” moments. Rugby was always a game that could produce a lot of innuendo! At one stage Jean said she didn’t really understand rugby. One of the guys cracked the old joke: “Rugby is a game played by men with funny shaped balls!” He made Jean giggle and blush when he looked straight at her and asked her: “would you like to play with our funny shaped balls?”

They continued to chat, and Jean remembered Debbie saying “aren’t there things called rucks and mauls in rugby. Remember my boyfriend saying he wouldn’t like to be under that ruck. What was he talking about?”

Miles had smiled, and tried to explain the difference between a ruck and a maul. It was the guy called Pete who had said “bet you two would enjoy a good mauling, or even a good rucking!” It was said with a huge wink. Jean had gone bright red again, Debbie had replied back that she would never go on a rugby pitch for that sort of treatment.

The conversation had continued, and they worked out what positions some of the men played in. It was Jean who asked the question “so what’s the most important player in the team?”

It had sparked a bit of a debate, but it was Tony who said: “I think the most important thing a club needs is a couple of good hookers. He then peered straight at Jean, then Debbie. “Will you be our hookers for the night?”

It was Debbie who responded quickest. ” Hookers? You couldn’t afford us!”

There was a pause. Debbie had realised – as had Jean, that her response had opened a door. It was Miles, the best man, who spoke. “We’ll all put in twenty quid each if you’ll come up to our hotel room.”

Jean was dumbfounded. Indignant. “We are not like that. We are not hookers, prostitutes. How dare you?”

Miles smiled. “Come and join us, we’ll have some fun. And there’s £120 in it for you.”

Jean later couldn’t understand how they had ended up in the hotel room with the six guys. It had been a fun evening at the bar. Jean and Debbie had enjoyed the laughs, even the cruder ones, and they hadn’t really cared about the money thing. But here they were, in a hotel room, each with £60 in their pockets, with six guys.

The guys had brought drinks with them, and handed them around. As Jean took a sip from a glass she felt strong arms around her, the man behind her pushing himself against her ass. In seconds he had removed her t-shirt, and in further moments had removed her skirt. Jean felt she should be embarrassed, but maybe the drink and the moment… As the other guys watched she noticed the same was happening to Debbie, but her mind went back to the hands on her body, now undoing her bra, letting it fall to the ground, letting her tits fall loose. She liked the wolf-whistle she received as they saw her tits – she knew they were good – round, not to saggy, not too big. As her mind wandered she felt her knickers being removed, she was naked in front of six guys, her friend Debbie the same.

She heard a voice – Miles, the best man. “Guys…” he got the others quiet. “Guys, we gotta be good here. These are the rules. No-one goes near their assholes. No-one spunks in their mouths. They may be our prostitutes for the night, but we respect them – if they don’t want something we stop. Get it?”

It was clear what Miles said went, and there was a mumbling of agreement.

Jean found herself lifted onto the bed, lying next to Debbie, also naked. Miles’ voice rang out again: “Okay bring on the groom…”

There was cheering from the other guys as Charlie stepped forward, took off his shirt, shorts, boxers, raising his arms triumphantly. No-one would have guessed that in ten days he would be married to another woman. Charles looked at the two women, then stepped forward, grabbed Debbie’s ankles, pulled her legs apart and placed his mouth to her pussy, and without hesitation plunging his tongue into her as deeply as he could. It was only really at this moment that Jean registered that these men WERE rugby players, they were muscled, they were not going to be gentle lovers!

Almost instantly Debbie was moaning, as Charlie’s tongue thrust in and out of her pussy, then moving quickly to her clit. Jean watched her friend’s face as she squirmed in arousal. There was no stopping Charlie: within seconds Debbie was crying out, her body shuddering as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

The guys were cheering, then saying “Now the other one.” Jean felt her legs spread wide, felt the tongue thrust into her pussy, her body being invaded, watched by all these men. It was the first time she’d really had an audience…

Her awareness of the audience quickly faded as she felt Charlie’s tongue working on her – he was really good, amazing. Jean was squirming in seconds, heard herself moaning. In seconds the tongue was on her clit caressing, swirling, a force she couldn’t resist. Within second she felt her body exploding, shaking, as her orgasm overwhelmed her. It had only taken seconds…

Jean was coming down, but realised there was no respite – Charlie had climbed on top of her and held the tip of his cock between the lips of her pussy. His timing was perfect – just as Jean had come down from her orgasm, opened her eyes, she felt the cock thrust deep into her pussy, slamming hard into her, Charlie pausing as Jean relaxed from the sudden invasion.

Jean looked towards Debbie, but saw Miles’ face next to hers, clearly his cock already buried deep in Debbie’s pussy.

A voice in the background spoke out loud. “Okay, guys, the one who lasts longest wins. Thrust for thrust. On your marks, get set, go…”

As the voice said go the two men – Charlie and Miles, began to slide their cocks out, then back in. Jean did register – these were rugby players, they were physical, they were not going to be gentle…

Jean’s thought were overwhelmed by what was happening – her and Debbie were being fucked side by side. Thrust for thrust. And it wasn’t gentle, it was a pounding… And if that wasn’t enough, she felt Charles grabbing and squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples – it felt so good.

Jean wrapped her legs around Charlie, pulled him into her, and felt his cock – seven inches of cock – hitting the top of her pussy. At the same time she registered it was pretty wide, tight…

Suddenly she heard Miles grunt, felt the bed shake as he pumped his cum deep into her friend Debbie. It was only for a moment, before Charlie too grunted, thrust hard and deep, also spurting cum deep into her – it was amazing…

Jean felt Charlie withdraw, only for another guy to be on top of her. She heard Charlie say to him – enjoy her – she has an amazing cunt, she is an amazing fuck. She was puzzled – she felt complimented by the crude description on herself.

Jean had little time to think, the next cock was already thrust into her, her cunt – she thought she would used the word to herself following the compliment – being pounded by yet another guy. She guessed Debbie was being fucked by another of the guys, but just felt the guy on top of her.

Again he thrust hard, his cock rigid and hard inside her. She felt herself pounded, until she heard the guy cry out as he pumped his cum into her.

As he came down he got off her, but she felt him move around the bed – she felt him next to her head, then felt his cock against her lips, covered with cum, covered with her juices. She heard the voice say to her “lick me clean.” As she put out her tongue she felt the next cock, drive into her cunt. She was beginning to hurt, but licked the cock and tasted the strange mixture of her own wetness and his cum. She also felt him begin to harden again as she was fucked hard by the third man, then hear and feel him reach his climax, as he pumped his cum into her.

The guy whose cock she was licking was getting harder and harder. She heard him say – “going to fuck your friend now,” as he moved away from her.

There was a pause and Jean and Debbie were given drinks. The glasses were taken away. Jean and Debbie looked at each other, and found themselves holding hands to support each other. Then there was a man holding her ankles again. She tried to do the numbers – three had taken her, three Debbie, so all must have cum. As her head swirled she suddenly became aware of what that might mean – they were no less hard, but might just take more time…

And the guy did – he seemed to fuck on and on, such that Jean was taken to another orgasm, just as the man came. There was no pause. She was taken twice more in the hotel room, and came once more. Her pussy was also feeling sore from the pounding…

It was clear for the moment the men could go no further. Jean and Debbie were sitting up on the bed and holding hands…

“I’ve an idea” Charlie’s voice rang out. “Come over here.” Charlie signalled Miles to the bed. Between them they pulled Debbie down the bed. Together they simply lifted Jean, and placed her on top of Debbie in a 69.

“Okay babes, clean each other out. Give each other another orgasm. Lets see what you can do!”

Jean was shocked, but then felt Debbie’s tongue, moving on her pussy, licking up cum that had trickled out of Jean’s pussy. Jean shrugged in her mind – what the heck! She put her tongue to her friends pussy and began to lick, licking out cum, until there was little left. Just as she put her tongue to Debbie’s clit she felt Debbie do the same. It felt so soothing to her sore pussy. Within a couple of minutes both were squirming in orgasm, moaning in their pleasure.

The next few minutes were first relaxing, then time to move on… The guys were friendly and grateful. They did allow them to get dressed, although insisted on keeping their panties to give to Charlie’s wife to be. They did give them the money they promised – not huge amounts but so they could think it was a “hooker” encounter. Two of the guys offered to walk Debbie and Jean back to their hotel half a mile away.

Back at their hotel the guys went with them to their room. Within seconds Jean and Debbie found themselves on their back, naked, being fucked again, long and hard. This time the two men pulled out, spurting their cum all over Jean and Debbie’s faces, rubbing it into their hair. They left, leaving the two women on the bed, barely able to move, dropping off to sleep…

The sun was shining into their hotel room the next day when Jean and Debbie woke. At first Jean thought it had all be a dream, but the smell of sex in the room, the soreness between her legs, and the state she saw herself in the mirror… Jean went to the shower, followed by Debbie. They could barely mention the night before. Jean had said it: “Perhaps we need a quiet day to recover, before we go home tomorrow…” But for Jean the puzzling thing was the money. She had been a hooker. A prostitute. She didn’t think she felt ashamed – she felt almost proud that those men would pay for her…

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