Thursday, September 28Desi Khani

Apni Mother Ko Chuda

I narrated the brief encounter with my mother Rani in the previous story. After that function at sashimi’s house, we came back to our village. My mother Rani was more open now and I could see the change in the way she dressed and carried herself out. Earlier she never let the dupatta slip from her mounds and she always covered her head. Now, I saw, that she let it loose and let it show the humongous boobs from over her suit where she let the bra go, at night.
One fine day, a man from the neighborhood, a 36 year old government employee had come to collect some stuff from the next house. As we all are not very well off , most of us have kucha houses and nearly all of us have cows and buffaloes to make up for financial constraints. He collected his stuff and started to move back to his house. He did not know that I was watching him from my rooftop. That time, my mother Rani was in the grassy cowshed and was tending to the cows with dry grass. She was moving a lot and had tied her dupatta right across her neck. Her magnificent towers of heaven were visible over her mauve suit. In fact, her nipples were already erect making tents in them and the outlines of those womanly motherly treasures were visible.She walked daintily holding the dry grass in her hand and spread it quickly in front of the lucky animal and she was very quick in her movement. Her boobies spun and wobbled inside her suit and made it rather sure that she was not wearing anything inside. The poor guy was watching her from a distance and he stopped where the light was dim in the courtyard so that he could not be noticed in the blanket of darkness and started checking out my mother. In no time, he had an erection and he could not resist the raw beauty and effervescence of my mother’s puppies and in a fraction of seconds, he was caressing his cock in darkness thinking nobody saw him. I even saw him taking strokes at his cock over his pyajama while he stood there feasting on mother’s raw and wholesome sexiness. He stood there for some time and then moved away from that place when my mother was done in the cowshed.Such incidents were common around my mother Rani. The secret of her untold beauty and lusty looks was that she was quite tall. She was certainly above 5 feet 6 inches tall. The most deadly and lecherous scene was when she carried the thatch of grass over her head which she had cut for the cattle, and she walked the narrow lanes towards her home dressed in nice suits. Her body had a lot of sweat and her suit clung sexily to her voluptuous body. The places where the sweat was much made her suit stuck to her body and this made one hell of a scene.Many days passed and soon it was Karva Chauth. My father, the useless smoker, was away this time, on some official tour. My sister being married was not at home. I had gone with my mother to the market yesterday in the evening to collect various items for the auspicious day. In fact, I had gone with my mother to the market. We went to a garment store there and my mother also bought some long vests of light red color. She bought them in a way so that I could not see her shopping her private inner clothes. But I was watching and casting lecherous glances all the time. She bought bangles, kaajal and other cosmetics too. I was so mad with lust to reason anything when I was near her all the time. She kept my cock flagged all the time. When we came back to our home after a small walk through the market, she also met some of her friends who had come for the same purpose.They exchanged some sniffing them to my hearts delight. She had bought a couple of floral panties and I was sure she was wearing the pink one who flowers had come alive every time I sniffed and jacked off on them; jokes about me as they all turned around and looked at me. My mother flushed red and then I guessed it must have been a lewd joke as is common between these village damsels and ladies.We slept in different rooms when we came back home after enjoying a hearty meal which my mother had made. I woke up at around 4 O’clock when I heard the loud tinkling of the sonorous bell which my mother was shaking. I got up and took a peek in her room from the window grill. Lo and behold, there was my sumptuous mother so full with flesh that she was oozing sexiness at all her desirable places. She had taken bath, put on jewels and had done a little make up too escalating the beauty of her face with suitable lipstick and lip liner, suitably mascara toned eyelashes with kajal and she also had applied rouge on her cheeks.She also had her shining golden mangalsutra with beads of black pearls and it was comfortably ensconced in the valley of maddening breasts. She also had exhibited some two three more necklaces making her swan like neck look adorable. Her ears flashed expensive jewelry too and she did not wear it normally in the house. She was wearing her red embroidered expensive suit and she looked amazing in it. Its red color was shining and amplifying the cuteness of her face. She was sitting on the floor and chanting some mantras while I looked at her chuchies from close by. A small portion of her red chemise was visible from under her suit and it added further sexiness and one could imagine that this chemise touched her innermost parts besides her bra and panties on which I had masturbated a countless times. I had remembered her panties by heart as every day I went to bathroom to get hold of her used panties on whom I masturbated after.

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