Sunday, May 28Desi Khani

boos ki 18 saal ki bati ko choda

I’m 28 years old and was working in a small firm, which of course now doesn’t exist coz, they shut it down. The office was in a 2 bedroom flat in Pune. Out of the many rooms only the first three were used but the inside office was just for name sake. The office had 2 executive chairs and one easy chair, with 2 tables. I had to take care of the whole office on my own, the owner never came there to visit anytime. Occasionally his daughter used to come for a few hours and then go.

The boss’s daughter had shoulder length hair and was 5 ft 5 inches tall but her boobs were so huge that wherever she came to the office I wanted to bite and suck them. Normally she used to come on Sunday mornings for a few hours. So I slowly made friendship with her. She used to come and check her email in the office, so on one Sunday I adjusted the settings of the browser to open a particular sex site.

As she opened the browser I was observing her reaction. She first looked to see if I was looking, I pretended to read the paper she started rubbing her thighs and squeezing her tits on seeing the sex pictures. I was happy as the plan worked. After a few minutes she came and casually talked to me and then asked me whether I have any girl friend or not. As I said no, she said let us close the office and surf the net. I readily agreed and locked the door.. We then started surfing, I opened many sex sites and she was getting very horny. I slowly started kissing her and she did not resist. I kissed her and started to squeezing her boobs with my right hand and rubbing her thighs with my left hand. She was breathing heavily. As I started to lifting her t-shirt, the phone rang. The call was from my boss who asked his daughter to come home.

She got disappointed and told me that next Sunday we shall complete what we started. Before she left I sucked and bit her massive boobs and kissed her. I could not wait for the next Sunday, I was counting the days. The big day arrived, it was a lucky day as her dad and mom went to mumbai. We locked the door and and went into the inner room. I slowly started kissing her and removed her shirt and bra. I got an instant hard on; on seeing her big boobs. I started sucking her massive boobs and she was moaning, She then unzipped hae pant and dropped it down. She was completely naked. She removed all my clothes and made me naked too. I told her to suck my cock, in turn she told me to lick her pussy.

So I lay her down on the table and we were in the 69 position. She was sucking my cock like anything and I licked her cunt until she was cummin and flowing like a river. Then I told her to ride on me. She had a very tight hole coz she was a virgin. She told me it is paining. I made her lie down on the table and put my dick head at the entrance of her pussy and with one sudden forward strokeI shoved the entire lenghth of cock inside her. She screamed so loudly that I got scared but slowly she adjusted to it and was enjoying gradually. Now she was making sounds AAAAHHHHHHH YES give it to me YES I need it. We fucked and fucked until she came many times. We continued fucking and sucking for the next two hours. Since we could not do it regularly in the office, she asked her friend to lend her room 3 times a week. We then started to use her friend’s flat for chudai. We even had anal sex which she enjoyed the most. When her friend came to know what was actually going on she wanted me to fuck her as well, but that’s another story.
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