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Sex With My Hot girlfriend sex stories

girlfriend sex stories Sex With My Hot Girlfriend

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girlfriend sex stories Ali from Mumbai am 22 yrs old n I am studying in college were I met my girlfriend, I am 5ft 7 inch muscular body, have 8 long n 2.5 inch thick manhood, I am fair n very much attractive 4 girls I do modeling in my college too so u can think of that now I come 2 my girlfriend her name is Ana she is in my class she has height of5.5 n a fabulous figure of 34,27,36 she fair as milk n she is 4m Gujrat so you can imagine her.

With that hot n tight curvy body girl very jolly with black long hair big busty breasts n ass so as I told u that I was attractive so I have many friend’s especially girls so when I joined my college I met Ana her roll no was just after me n she became my friend soon, then this friendship slowly changed into love we used to go out 4 movies n parks n I would use to kiss n love her cause as u know in Mumbai there is very little place 4 everything she was very frank girl in fact the first kiss was given by her, so enjoying with her was never a problem.

But cause of space v use to have just oral sex, girlfriend sex stories but near d end of d year our exams was been announced so v decide 2 have combine studies she took permission 4m her house n called me as I was 4m good family I met her parents with respect as her friend n they were very nice 2 me then she took me to her room this room was not in her house it did had door 4m outside adjacent 2 her house so v went their n start studying n in between had kisses cause she locked d door as we entered d room then this went on for months

I use to visit her place n fulfill our desire but every time we meet it was increasing n our activity from just kisses went more deeper I did loved her big pair of boobs so I used to squeeze them a lot n she would get aroused by that a lot n would use to come on my laps n ask me to press those tits meanwhile she use to rub her pussy against my cock without removing our clothes n then insert her hands in my pants n rub my big long 8 inch dick but we were afraid of having sex n time passed on n my desire increased I told her to let me have

Sex with her but she didn’t allowed me so I was bit frustrated then I decided to find some other girlfriend n I told her that I want to leave her but at every time I use to say that she would come on me start loving passionately n force me to change my decision every time cause she knows girlfriend sex stories my weakness that sex one day I went to her house it was afternoon and was wearing a body fitting t-shirt as I was having muscular body I was looking hot n she told me to remove my t-shirt I said

I will not n what if someone comes n knock d door then she said that her mom has gone to her grandma’s place n no 1 is their n she will return only in evening n then she locked d door n I removed my t-shirt she was taking snaps so I got an idea I said I want to your snap too n forced her to remove her top she was wearing nighty n salwar but she refused me n told me to wait n she went to her house I was bit depressed that I might lose this chance also but my god after 4 to 5 mins the door opened n she came back n my jaw dropped

She was wearing capri’s up to her knees n a thigh red top from which her big boobs were looking like a peaks of mountain, she came towards me n smiled mischief n said what am I staring at I said that ‘I cant take my eyes of her cause she was looking like a sex goddess she came I sat on my laps n kissed on my lips soon we were moaning uuum aaaaahh ahhh and our tongue locked 2gethr an she girlfriend sex stories started to rub her pussy on my cock I told her 2 free my cock n she removed it at that that very time I thought

I should not leave this chance n started moaning her top n I was shocked to see that she was wearing black lacy bra just imagine friend’s white milky tits covered with white transparent lacy bra what a sexy combination it was her tits was so big n tight that I didn’t waste any time n girlfriend sex stories took hold of that mama’s n started squeezing them n she started kissing an rubbing me harder bhabhi ki chudai ki kahani

And I told her to suck my cock she didn’t done that b4 but started licking it with her tongue n then soon my cock was in her mouth n my god she was doing that too good by imaging that it was her 1st blowjob in 5-6 mins I came in her mouth she drank each every drop of it n cleaned my cock with her tongue she got up n started wearing her top then came 4m behind took her top n throw it away n she was smiling n saying u devil aren’t you satisfied yet I told her no I want to have u she told me no cause

If she will get pregnant than what will happen I said nothing will happen I’ll take my cock out wen I’ll come but still she refused me n I was angry n I told her that m leaving then she was bit worried n told me ok if u want to fuck me than fuck my ass cause there will b no problem if u cum in that but I was not listening than after a while she convinced me n she brought Vaseline cream 4m girlfriend sex stories her drawer I said what’s this she told me it will cause less pain if v use lubricant n I was so excited that finally am going to fuck this beauties

I always loved her ass n always imagined of fucking that big ass n now my dream was about to cum true then v got back on bed n I started kissing her but she was bit tensed imagining that she is going to b fucked 4 d very 1st time n how will it be, I changed her mood by praising her n kissing her passionately n in no time my cock which was in her hand became hard n I told her to remove her caprices she told me that you remove by yourself now I was on top of her n started removing it n d other surprise was waiting there 4 me,

She was wearing black sexy lacy panty which was d pair of her bra n now she was only in those bra n panty n I told her to stand n let me admire d beauties but she was shy then after some time I made her stand n believe it my friend u must have not such a beauties in porn movies also then I brought her near me kept my 1 hand on her right boobs n d other on panty n started caressing her pussy, she hugged me immediately now my cock was rubbing her pussy n she was getting hot n wet

I rolled my hand inside her panty n started fingering that wet swollen pussy but it was too tight n it was causing her pain, she screamed aahhh n her eyes became wet n said please don’t do anything here come behind so made her turn around n said remove your panty she turned n removed it as I said what a perfect round ass it was I told her to stand on d edge of the bed n bend a little she did as I said n I took Vaseline in my finger n applied all our her white round ass it was shinning like anything n then

I applied cream on my cock which was rock hard n came near her n kept it on her asshole n then she pleaded please do it slowly jaan don’t give me lots of pain i said ok baby I’ll fuck you smoothly n I started pushing that cock in n she hold d bed sheet with both hands tightly n in a hard stroke I pushed my tip in her ass n she screamed ouuuuccchhh… aaahhhh pls jaanu pls do it slowly n then d next big stroke the shaft of 4 inch of my cock went in n she cried out in pain pls Ali remove it don’t this to me please tears came of her eyes

I stopped for some time n made her relaxed n as her pain subside I started stroking slowly, her ass was too tight I applied more cream around my cock n started stroking her n after some time Ana started enjoying it n co ordinate wit me by moving her hips with my each n every stroke

And she was now moaning in pleasure aaaahh fuck me baby fuck me…… pls fuck me harder by hearing that my rhythm got accelerated n I started stroking her more faster n she was moaning n the sound was becoming more louder n in no time whole room was in her moaning sound..fuck jaana, fuck it harder, ya baby I love your cock there pls fuck me, keep fucking me u r my man show me what u have baby pls fuck it aah ahhhha aahaa ahhaaa n I started stroking full length of my cock in her ass

Then I removed it n said her to go on bed n be in doggy style n she listened to me n went there n got in d position immediately n i came on her back n thrust my cock in n started stroking harder n in some time she started screaming n her body became tight n I knew she was about to come n stop at that time n removed my cock from her ass n kept it on her pussy she was not aware of it cause of d turmoil which was building in her n I stroked at once in her pussy n she screamed no but I was not going to listen n started stroking instead of her unsuccessful attempt to stop me n she was screaming in pain ouuuccchhhh noo hhha stop it

Ali pls don’t fuck my pussy but I didn’t listen n then blood started to run out of it n she came I know now her seal is been broken n stopped 4 sometime n removed my cock it was covered with blood I wiped it out with her panty n made her turned around n she was crying n saying y did u fucked my pussy I said don’t worry nothing will happen I’ll bring you and I pill afterwards n nothing will happen then after some time she stopped crying n I said her now as it is u r going to have I pills afterwards let me enjoy your pussy n

I came in between her legs kept a pillow below her waist n opened her legs wide open to have a easy access in that tight wet n swollen pussy she might have been cursing herself for letting me doing that but 4 sure she was enjoying every part of it n hence she allowed me to come again now kept my cock in her pussy n started a gradual stroke n then I kept on increasing my speed as she increased her scream with each n every stroke aahhaa ya fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me. am your whore now fuck me n after a deep strokes of 5 mins I was about to come n I told her that

I am going to come n she screamed to come inside her n I started stroking her pussy faster n faster n her body was tight again n she started moving her hips faster n we both came simultaneously n I fell on her n large amount of liquid started flowing out her vagina then v took shower n I left cause it was about 5 in evening n her mom will b returning any time from that day I fucked her whenever v got chance

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