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I Fucked My Cousin Sister Arshi

I Fucked My Cousin Sister Arshi

I Fucked My Cousin Sister Arshi

I Fucked My Cousin Sister Arshi I was 18 yrs old and in Class 9th when this happened to me, I was in hostel in Aligarh University’s School. I used to visit my cousin sister Arshi who was 27 at that time, who was not very far to my hostel, She was married to a lecturer but he was very old about 45 yrs. I started visiting soon after the marriage. She used to be alone at home coz her in laws lives abroad.

Soon we became good friends; she started asking me about the kind of movies I like, and what types of girls I like. She was very sexy I always fantasized of fucking her; I even masturbate while thinking of her. Whenever I use her bathroom I used to smell her used panties and bras, I get hard erection while doing this; I even stole one of her panty one day. One afternoon when I visited her she told me that her husband is going for training in other city for 5 days; she asked me that I have told my husband that you will stay with me during that period. babita ji xxx photos

I said okay but you have to take permission from my warden she said that her husband will meet your warden tomorrow. I started thinking different things wt is going to happen, this is the golden opportunity but how can I proceed first. The next day my warden told me that I can go to my cousin sisters’ home but he warned me if I skip the school. I packed my bag and went to my sweet sister Arshis home. I rang the bell she opened the door, she gave me guest room then I got shocked that all my dreams of sleeping with her shattered now.

She called me at 8:30 Dinner is ready come have lunch. When I reached the Dining table I saw her she was wearing I pink transparent night suit with a set of black bra n panty completely visible through the night suit. I sat on the chair she served me roasted chicken I started having my meal than she asked me what happened Kya hua tumhe, Itne chup kyun ho kuchh to bolo. I said nothing kuch nahin hua.

I finished my meal and returned back to my room. I was staring at the ceiling at thinking that she don’t have any feeling about me otherwise she speaks to me on many topics as she used to talk with me. In night about 12:30 am I heard moans from my sisters room, It was all dark in the room I peeped inside the room to see what is happening there, I was shocked to see that Arshi is masturbating, she was moaning and groaning aah aahh fuck me fuck ur sister dear Salman, I got a 25KV shock when I heard my name.

I returned to my room. Then at 2pm somebody knocked at the door when I opened I saw Arshi was standing at my door, she said that there is some problem in her room and her AC is not functioning so she said that she will sleep with me tonight. I said ok not a problem. I was very happy to see her at my double bed, she was looking sex goddess. I pretend to sleep but it was not possible, my dream girl was with me. I could not muster the courage even to touch her, there was dark in the room and I was wearing shorts,

I pulled out my penis and started rubbing it with my fingers. She suddenly switched on the light and asked me Yeh kya kar rahe ho. I was shocked, I say sorry it’s my habit in night; I forgot that u r sleeping with me. She said okay but isme kya maza aata hai tumko. I said main relax ho jaata hoon. She said OK…. I will help you to get rid of this habit. Can you show me your Penis. I said No aapi sharm aati hai, She said show me I am your elder sister. I opened my 5 ½” penis which was rock hard; she took it in her hands and said lovely lollipop.

I told her that I watched u masturbating at night. She said Babmaash tune sab dekha, tujhe apni bahen pe taras tak nahin aaya main jis Cheez k liye taras rahi hoon usko tu hila kar waste kar raha hai. I was completely in state of shock to hear this from her. I was pinching myself that if it is true or just my dream. Then she stood on the bed start undressing herself and finally pulled down her panty and I could now see a shaved pussy with pinkish pussy lips.

Then she climbed down on floor and pulled my underwear down too. And there we were starkly naked hugging each other and kissing fiercely she was playing with my 5 ½” inch cock and I was crushing both of her breasts. Then I told her about the 69 position and she was instantly ready for that. I lay down on bed and she came over me. She stated stroking my dick with her hands. Now all I could see was her pussy. And I could smell it.

It was totally intoxicating I then put my tongue in her pussy and licking insides of her pussy walls she was enjoying this very much and making noises like aaahh.shhhhhh.. All the while stroking my penis. Then she took my dick in her warm mouth and started licking it, she took the entire length, I was in heaven, it was my first experience so it was too much for me and I exploded in her mouth aaahhhh.. She said itni jaldi abhi to tujhe meri sawari karni hai aur abhi se phuss ho Gaye.

I said sorry I will be ready again in 15 mins. She said ok. I started rubbing her boobs kissing her lips licking her pussy …And she started playing with my penis, she took it in her mouth again with her saliva and hot breathe I suddenly get erection again, I started rubbing her pussy with my dick and inserted my dick inside her juicy and yummy hot honey pot, she was enjoying every moment by giving soft moans and groans, now she started biting me on my neck area,

I increased the pace and started fucking her like beast, I bite on her boobs I was feeling heaven on earth. I shoot cum inside her and thanked her for giving me a chance to fuck her pussy. After this we r into relationship till date, whenever we get chance we fuck each other.

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