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Landlord Made Me His Bitch

This is a real story of how I became a bitch from a man. This happened long ago but it changed my life forever. I was staying on rent in a place with 7 rooms. I was doing postgraduate diploma and doing part time jobs to pay for the room and studies. The landlord was staying in the last room and there was a kitchen in front of his room that we could use for making tea or making snacks.
The landlord was a middle aged dark stout man whose family frequently stayed at his village. He was a very friendly guy and sometimes we chatted and played carrom. He always had a prominent bulge between his legs that was quite visible in his pants or even when he wore a lungi. I was somehow fascinated by it and sometimes my eyes would drift to his bulge and he would just smile if he caught me looking at it.
Sometimes when we crossed in the narrow dark lobby he would press his crotch against my crotch or bums as if by accident or pat my butt and slide his hand around my waist and tummy to show friendliness. I did not object as I also enjoyed the feeling. I had no previous experience in gay sex but had read some books and had seen photos. These excited me a lot but I never had the courage to try anything.
I would frequently fantasize about being taken by a man in a lonely beach or in a hotel room and enjoyed it a lot. Everything was normal till I lost my part time job and I had no money to pay for my rent as I was able to barely meet the needs for my studies. The landlord was understanding for a month but then started saying that I must find some ways to pay him. I was being extra nice to him so that he does not throw me out.
One day while crossing each other in the narrow lobby I turned sideways and away from him so that he could pass.
He stopped behind me slowly pushed his crotch into my butt and brought his lips near my ears and whispered when are you going to pay me chikoo. Even though the situation was very stressful, his hot breath against my ears and cheek was very exciting, and I inadvertently pushed back my bums into his crotch while saying that soon I would find someway to make some payment at least.
He firmly thrust his crotch into my butt pushing me against the wall and said he was also trying to think of a way to take some payment and reduce this tension. I could clearly feel the tension of his semi erect cock pushing against my butt.
There was some movement in one of the rooms and we went our ways. Later I asked one of the older guys staying in one of the rooms about the landlord. He told me that it was a common knowledge that the landlord likes chikna feminine looking guys and it is visible that he has the hots for you. I said I’m not interested in guys but only in girls and left it at that.
The Holi festival came and it was 3 holidays together and by evening all the guys went away to their homes except me as I had urgent project work to submit. I was preparing snacks in the kitchen and the landlord was in his room watching an adult movie and he turned the volume so that I could clearly hear the sounds. After a little while he switched off the TV and came into the kitchen.
I clearly saw the huge bulge in his lungi and turned back to my work. He came behind me to remove some utensils from top shelf and pressed his bulging crotch into my back and said “aha u are making nice snacks and I have some chilled beer, lets enjoy together and maybe we can find someway to reduce the outstanding rent payment”. I was nervous but didn’t want to offend him so I meekly said yes.
He removed the utensil but did not move away from behind me. He whispered in my ears that if I was very nice and cooperative guy then he would certainly help me and may even give me some loan. With that he put his hands around my waist and hugged me from behind and brushed his lips against my cheeks. I shivered and asked him what he wants from me. To which he replied “nothing that you will not like to give”
He put his hands inside my shirt and cupped my almost feminine breasts. It was then that I objected and told him that I was not such a guy and what he was doing was not correct. I tried to get out of his embrace but he was very strong and I whimpered and requested him to please leave me and I’ll do anything to clear the payment at the earliest.
He said that I don’t have to do any thing except be nice and co-operate as he was deffinatly going to take some payment tonight and with that he lifted me and carried me to his room.
I was struggling weakly and with my strugle his lungi became loose and fell down on the way. He stopped in front of a mirror and said see you are just like a cute girl only so feminine and shy. I felt very shy as I knew I was had quite girlish features, developed breasts, thin waist and bigger hips. In contrast his naked thighs and legs were very muscular and hairy and looking in the mirror him holding me in the air excited me a lot.
But I told him I’m a male only and pleaded for him to leave me and put me down. He just laughed and said after today night I will never feel like a man any more. He said let me show you how a real man is and he gave me a tight slap on my face that made me cry out with tears.
He said if I don’t cooperate then I will get more slaps and also get thrown out of the house. He carried me to the sofa and while sitting down he pulled down my shorts with one hand and pulled me into his lap with the other hand.
I weakly struggled but sat in his lap. I felt his bulge throb and grow against my butt and felt the heat of his thighs against mine. His growing pulsating cock was clearly my ass cheeks what was to come but I was scared and apprehensive and didnt know what to do.
He then switched on TV and DVD player with the remote and selected a gay adult movie. He asked me to watch carefully as this was my first time and I would learn how to quickly become a nice bitch that I was meant to be and how to please a man.
The movie was showing a feminine looking guy in skirt and blouse was sucking the cock of his lover. After some time the feminine guy got on to the ground on all his fours and raised his skirt to his waist and offered his butt to his lover.
We both were excited and I lay back against his chest and put my cheek against his cheek and the landlord started kissing my cheeks. I naughtily asked him how much payment he would overlook for taking my virgin cherry. He smiled it all depended on how much he enjoys me. I put my hand behind and caught his cock over his undy and messaged it nicely.
He was trying to lower my undy. I raised my hips to make it easy for him and my undy fell to my ankle. He said now the enemy defences are fully down and now is the time plant his flag of conquest. I shivered in anticipation and turned my head fully and offered him my lips. He put his arm around my neck, turning my head more backwards and started kissing my lips vigorously.
With the other hand he opened all my shirt buttons and started fondling my breasts and pinching my nipples. His cock had grown enormously and its tip started protruding out the top of his undy and I could feel the hot bulb of his cock against my back.
He made me get up and remove my shirt and he also removed all his clothes and we were both fully naked. The sight of his cock excited me a lot. It was a bit thin but 8? long. It had a glans that was wide at the base and pointed sharp at the tip. His cock looked like an arrow that could easily open and pierce any hole.
He brought an oil bottle and asked me to turn around and bend forward against the table. As I did that he poured oil in his hand and applied it liberally on my butt hole and slowly pushed his oiled finger into my pucker. Instinctively my butt hole tightened and made it difficult for his finger to move in out. He asked me to relax my thighs and open my bums with my hands and relax my asshole.
I put my chest on the table and opened my legs and messaged my buns and slowly moved my fingers over my asshole. This relaxed my ass quite a bit and I asked the landlord that he can try fingering my butt hole again. I opened my bums with my hands to help him. He put more oil on his fingers. He slowly pushed his finger into my butt hole and I consciously relaxed my asshole muscles.
This time he was able to glide his finger in out and properly oil my ass outside as well inside. After playing for a little while he put his two fingers together into my butt hole.
Now I was able to force my ass muscles to relax and take his two fingers without much difficulty. He fingered my asshole and excited me so that my asshole became relaxed and a little bigger. After sometime he pushed his groin against my bums and pressed his cock in between my ass cheeks and bent forward and put his hairy chest on my back.
I knew I was totally his now. Rent or no rent, I wanted to feel his cock inside my asshole at the earliest. I was fearful also as this was my first time and he had a very long cock. I was sure that my ass would not be able to accommodate all of it but he would certainly like to push it in fully. What would happen then would something tear inside and bleed.
I whispered my fears to him and he said not to worry he will be gentle as he wants to enjoy me for a long time and not injure me. He said that the inside rectum is flexible and can stretch considerably. I fact the person getting fucked gets maximum pleasure when his insides are getting opened and stretched. He started kissing my cheeks and sucked in my lips in his mouth and gently bit them.
This excited me more and in excitement I wriggled my bums against his crotch. He took it as a sign of my readiness and with his hand he put his cock on my asshole and tried to push it in. Even after a couple of tries his cock would just slide down or up. He asked me to hold his cock on my target while he pushes it in. I put my hand between my legs and reached behind to hold his shaft and placed the bulb of his cock against my pucker.
Still when he pushed forward trying to enter my ass, my ass would pain a lot and I would involuntary move my ass sideways making his cock slip away and down against my balls or up on to my back. The problem was that my virgin asshole was very tight and he was not getting the right angle to pierce my ass.
He gathered me in his arms and took me to his bed and lay me down on my tummy. He then put a big pillow under my tummy that raised my ass in the air. I could clearly see myself and my raised buttocks in the side mirror. The landlord then got behind me with his 8? monster and got between my legs and forced my legs wider and asked me to open my ass cheeks with my hands. I did as he told me and he poured some more oil on my pucker.
In that position he could easily see my asshole waiting for his assault. With his dark monster cock he slapped my fair ass cheeks a couple of times and asked me to relax all my back and leg muscles and my asshole muscles. He told me that it would pain a little as this was my first time but soon the pain will be replaced by pleasure. I also knew this from the books I had read and totally relaxed my bums and butt hole muscles to make it easy for him.
The landlord then placed the tip of his arrow like cock on my butt hole and lowered his chest on my back. He put his arms around my waist and held me firmly. Weight of his top half was pushing my chest and head into the mattress. However he was supporting the weight of his hips and lower part, on his knees with which he had spread my legs wide. He kissed my lips before the final assault. And then he thrust his hips forward with a sudden jerk.
As his arrowhead tried to pierce my virgin asshole, I cried out with great pain and my hands left my bums and I banged my hand on the bed. My ass was paining and I pleaded him remove his cock. He kissed me and told me to relax, he will not push more. I tried to shake loose my bums but he was very strong and was holding my waist very firmly. I lay quietly waiting for the pain to subside. The TV was now showing two men fucking a guy and all squealing with pleasure.
After sometime the pain became bearable but I knew more was to come and I pleaded with my landlord to let me go and he could fuck me tomorrow. He smiled and said first time is always painful and we should finish that today so that he could really enjoy me for two more days before other guys came back from vacation.
He then started kissing me roughly and then tried to suck in my full cheek into his mouth like he was sex starved. He then caught my lips in his teeth and I didn’t notice him tightening his arms around my waist. Suddenly he bit my lips and as my mind shifted to the pain on my lips, he gave one solid thrust with his hips and his cock forced open my asshole and entered 2? deep into my ass. I started crying with pain and begged him to take out his cock.
He was soothing me with love words but his cock remained firmly embedded in my ass. He kissed me sexily on my cheeks and on my eyes and licked away my tears. He said the hardest part is over as the bulb of his penis has gone past my asshole muscles and if I relax my butt and thighs the pain will also subside quickly. I told him there is some warm liquid oozing out from my asshole, I hope you have not torn my ass.
He kissed me gently and reminded me that asshole does bleed a little the first time but it is helpful as bleeding lubricates the ass and the cock and make it easier for the cock to go in and out. In some ways he was gentle but he was going to fuck me properly that was sure. We lay there like that for 10 minutes…
I was crying and he was cuddling and kissing me and pain started subsiding and he started making fun of 3 guys screwing each other on the TV and he mentioned a few things that he was going to try on me later.
I told him to get lost and leave me now. I cant think of now let alone future. He asked me to tell him when I was ready to take in a little more. The sight of his hairy muscular body lying on my slim girlish body excited me and helped me to forget my pain.
After about 10 more minutes the pain had gone away considerably and I could see him in the mirror adjusting his hips a little, for his next move. I knew even if I did not tell him, he would not wait much longer, so I told him that you have your flag mast firmly planted in my bums…now I’m all yours if you see my cry, be gentle and slow down…and I turned my face and offered my lips to him to be kissed. He said ok I’m going to fuck your ass with my cock and your mouth with my tongue.
Saying this he pushed his tongue into my open waiting mouth and started tongue fucking my mouth. While I was enjoying his oral attention, he pinioned my arms by my side and encircled his arms around my chest and cupped my breasts in his hands. In the mirror I could see him raise his hips a little off my bums preparing for the next thrust. Also visible was the shaft of his cock rising from his groin and that had yet gone partly into my love hole between my ass cheeks.
This time the forward thrust of his hips was slow and controlled as the jerk for breaking in was not required. As a result the pain was also bearable. For the first time a felt pleasurable sensation of his cock opening up my rectum and going in deeper and I moaned with pleasure. My landlord stopped tongue fucking my mouth and said “see now its becoming enjoyable…yes or no”… I whispered a sexy yes to him and he jokingly bit my cheeks in appreciation.
I told him don’t bite so much otherwise when the other guys come back after Holi, everyone will come to know. He laughed and said that the guys already know that I have the hots for you and I get what I want. Since I have not paid the room rent he has a valid excuse for shifting me to his room to cut costs. He said he was going to make me sleep in his room in front of others and may even dress you as a female sometimes.
Whenever my wife is not there you’ll be my wife. I shivered with excitement at the thought of it. I put my hand behind on my ass and got bit of my oozing blood on my finger and showed my red finger to the landlord and then put it like sindhur on my head. I said “now I’m your wife and will do as you ask me and please you always, anytime and whichever way you want”.The landlord was very excited at this and he started fucking me with regular strokes.
My small cock was also fully excited and was pulsating against my belly. With each stroke my landlords cock kept going deeper and deeper and opening up my inside. The sensation in my ass was unimaginable and I started responding and pushing back to meet each thrust of my landlord. I opened my legs even wider beseaching his cock to go even deeper. His balls were now slapping against my bums with each stroke.
I was begging him to make me pregnant and he was grunting and giving me longer and longer strokes. I could almost feel his arrowhead reaching into my tummy and I was whimpering and begging for more. After about 15 minutes of fucking his strokes became shorter and he pushed deep into my love hole preparing to plant his seeds in my virgin ass. I reached back between my legs and started fondling his balls, coaxing them to make more seed.
This took him over the climax and he shuddered as I felt the fountain of his hot seeds explode inside me and a warm sensation of being possessed and fucked fully, spread throughout my body. His cock gave last few jerks deep inside me and then became silent having flooded me thoroughly.
The landlord after making me his bitch, collapsed exhausted and lay on top of me for sometime and I enjoyed the weight and warmth of his body over my back. His arm one was around my chest and one of my breasts lay cuddling in his palm. The feeling was heavenly.
It was a wonderful feeling to be changed into a bitch and for that I was going to let my landlord enjoy me and fuck me whenever he wanted, not that he would need my permission. He was the kind who would take me whenever and wherever he wanted dear friends if you enjoyed my experience and want to make me your bitch please let me know at arunbottom @ yahoo.com

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