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My Friends Mother Sheena & Her Desires

My Friends Mother Sheena & Her Desires

My Friends Mother Sheena & Her Desires Hi ALL I am kenni 20 years old. This story is about my friends mother sheena with whom i fullfilled my desires. This incident happened few months back.I had a friend atul who used to live near our house. Taxi Driver Fuck My Wife In Front Of Me

His mom sheena was a housewife and dad used to stay out of town most of time because of business.She was a good looking and mature lady of age 43. Once I was at Atul’s house studying with him for our college exams. While studying i got thirsty and went in the kitchen to take glass of water. Next to kitchen was his mother’s room where i saw his mother in just towel wrapped on her body as she had just come out of shower.

Seeing her wet I got aroused.Later same night when my friend slept i decided to flirt with her in order to get a opportunity with her.I went inside kitchen where she was doing house chores.I started talking with her and she was also talking with me.I started complimenting her and she also thanked for it.

She was blushing when i used to compliment which gave me confidence to go ahead.As soon as she turned to keep the utensils in place i went near her and grabbed her by her waist to which she felt uncomfortable and pushed me back.

She told me not to do that.I took a chance again and went near her and kissed her on lips.she was stunned to see me like this and in her low voice she said please dont do this atul is in the next room.To which i grabbed her and pulled towards me and told her not to worry as he is sleeping.

Slowly i inserted my hand inside her night suit.she was wearing a black panty. i Pulled it down and started fingering her pussy. She tried to resist for first few minutes but then started enjoying it.Then I went on my knees and started licking her pussy.It was quite wet.then she opened my pant and took out my cock and started sucking it.

After sucking it for few minutes she took me to her room where she pushed me on her bed and she took out condom and asked me to wear it.

After that she sat on my dick and started riding it. As she was riding my cock i took off her bra and started playing with her boobs which were big.She asked me to bite her on her nipples which i did.

Then i made her bend in doggy style and fucked her in that position.After few minutes i could not hold on and i cummed. From that day and till now we both enjoy healthy sex life.

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