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My Sex with Tuition Teacher

Dear Readers I am faez 22 years old from Islamabad, Pakistan back again with my second Story thanks for appreciation of my first Story “Threesome with Bi-Couple In Islamabad”. This Story is about 4 years old when I was Student of Ist Year or Grade 11, I use to take tuition from Mam Romana who was my teacher since class 8th, As people from Pakistan knows the Quality of education in government college is not very good so coaching become compulsory, I use to go to tuition at her home in the evening she was unmarried and 27 years old at that time, Mostly her mother use to be at home and her father and brother are on their jobs in the evening when I go for tuition. She use to teach at Private School near her house where I also Studied till class 10th. I was the only male Student at her tuition others are female , she was very frank with me because she know me from last 5 years. Let me come to the story it was Sunday and month of May , Mostly I don’t go for tuition on Saturday and Sunday but that day I went because my Mathematics exam was Scheduled on Monday and I am very weak in Mathematics, I reached her home at 10 am , she was sleeping at that time and came after I rang the doorbell 5,6 times. She came in night suit and open the door and ask me to come inside House. When I look at her carefully I saw her well shaped boobs are exposed because she was not wearing dupatta at that time and her cleavage is also visible. I was feeling some thing inside my shalwar(I was wearing shalwar Qameez) , She went to bedroom and I was imagining wild things, She came after 20 minutes after taking Bath and changing dress, and sat near me and ask me to show the questions in which I was facing Problems. I asked her about her family on which she told that they went to attend family function to near place. I saw the opportunity and feel sorry for her and cursed myself that she had to remain at her house on which she said it’s ok with her. She started teaching me but my mind was lost somewhere else. After sometime I told her that I am not able to concentrate on Questions. She showed some anger on this , but than enquired me where your mind is. I tried to avoid answering but than she was not listening and she said you have to answer otherwise I will not teach you today. As I told you earlier she was very frank with me. I said that I will fail in the exam if you will not teach me. But she was not agreeing than I hesitantly told her that it was not something to tell to female, On which she gave me naughty smile but said you will have to tell me , Than I shyly said that my penis is disturbing me a lot , she was stunned by answer but shamelessly asked why is it so . I refuse to tell but she pumped me than I take promise from her that you will not get offend by this and you wil not tell this to any one because I am telling you this on your request , she agreed and I told her shyly that I saw your cleavage and boobs when you came to open the door. She got angry first but than said , What do you think of me , Am I sexy , I said yes you are she said explain I said not possible for me . than she persuaded so I said yes you are cute you have well shaped boobs, your back is sexy and your ass is also hot. She said do you like me I said yes , than I take the opportunity and grab her hand and planted a kiss on which she said what are you doing but I don’t left and started foreplay now only fake resistance remained. Our foreplay remain for 10 minutes than I move my hands to her boobs inside Kameez and move her Kameez bit up and removed Kameez , I also remove my kameez now she was more excited than me . I started sucking her medium size boobs and caressing his upper body with hands which is making her more hot , After sucking I move to lower body and remove her shalwar and underwear and started fingering her vagina , I was doing what I have learned from Sex movies, she got more hot with that and take my 5 inches penis in her hands and moving her hands on penis. I asked her to take penis inside which she refused I made several requests on which she just put her lips on penis head and spit on the floor and than I don’t said her again. Now I inserted my penis inside and slowly giving jerks she was feeling very little pain because I don’t have a large penis but she was enjoying it. After 7,8 minutes when I was about to cum she ask me to put my penis out to avoid any mishap which I did, and I cum on her belly which I learned from movies… and both fell on the bed naked , after few minutes we again started playing with each other bodies and had 2 more sessions that day and enjoyed a lot and than in the evening studied a lot also and I passed Mathematics with good marks. Now she is married and living abroad and had two very cute children from her husband, her husband is a nice gentleman whenever she come to Islamabad I went to meet her and if got a chance we use to have some sex as well. I also did anal sex with her after marriage because her husband use to do anal sex sometimes… I am also Studying in University know. This is end of my Story hope you all enjoyed the Story. I would appreciate your comments and feedback on Story.

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