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My student fucks me real hard

My student fucks me real hard

My student fucks me real hard I am a computer teacher in a reputed public school in south delhi and there are a lot of spoilt students who have enough money. Some of them look older than their age and look like a man enough for a woman like me. Most of the teachers in our school are young girls having done our graduation few years back. Like I’m 28 years old and these boys are taller than me and have full grown bodies like a man.

Most of them stare us so badly that we get uncomfirtable in their staring eyes. They give a continuous stare on our breasts and look intently at our buttocks.

They even write naughty things about us in the common toilets and make pictures about us making love to them and sucking their dicks.

One day I was looking out at the greenery at the backside of our school from my Computer Lab window. After some time as i looked down below, I saw a young boy urinating near a tree and this my 11th class student Sanjay urinating there. I got angry as we have good urinal in our school, but suddenly as he was emptying himself, I saw something which I could not believe myself…..I was struck by the amazing sight of Sanjay’s large milky white penis, which was jotting out of his pants like a large hose-pipe There was a pink head which was throwing a jet of urine on the tree. As he stopped, he started to vibrate his penis vigrously and suddenly looked up…where i was……and found me admiring his beautiful long pole. He stopped vibrating his penis and stood there with his erect penis right in full view of my hungry eyes. This boy was so man enough by the volume of penis he had….I couldn’t move but kept watching his thick pole in amazement….He brought a cunning smile while looking at me and then put it neatly inside…after zipping his pants…he went off and i was still gazing at the spot….missing his sexy dick and him ofcourse…

“Shit…What was i thinking….and doing…by looking at that student….I commited a mistake….Shit….now that damn fucker will tell all his friends that i’m a penis lover…..Shit…I shouldn’t have done this….” When I came home I spent whole afternoon restlessly waiting for my husband…At night I told him what I had done…

” Koi baat nahin meri jaan. Sambhaal lenge….I’ll take care….just tell me if he does anything bad, I’ll break his bloody dick and ripp-off his balls….but hey….what happened to you… got so dick crazy ??”

I said “No Dear. Its not that. I have been touching and using your long dark hard land for last 4 years and have been absolutely satisfied by you….but it was the first time I saw a pink & fair Lauda in real life and was amazed to see it on the body of a young 21 year old. You are 31 and this boy had equally large penis just like you….but very bright & fair, almost milky white with a large pink head”

“Oh…so you like his penis ?”

I said “Actually Yes….but anyway its not in my kismat….kisi haseen ladki ki gudgudati choot uska intezaar kar rahi hogi”

“Madam…Hello…kin khayalon mein ho ? Ab tak to usne 4-6 chod bhi li hongi. Yeh aajkal ke boys khoob chudai karte hain…”

I said “Suno yeh wohi Sanjay hai jo hamesha teachers ke breasts aur buttocks dekhta rehta hai…uski qatil nazrein hamesha teachers ke boobs aur chootad se khelti rehti hain….aur us din while i was teaching him something, meri chunni sarak gayi thi to usne mere deep-cut neck se mere poore nange nange breasts dekhe the….I feel he would have seen my bare breasts for minimum 2-3 minutes as i saw him staring at my boobs , i didn’t know that my chunni had fallen from my shoulder and my boobs were in full view of this youngster….saale tailor ne itna deep-cut sticth kiya is baar…..he instantly got an erection and started to adjust his hard pole in his pants and then i realised that he’s getting aroused my me…when i looked down…i found my both boobs visible to him through the large window of my suit and my new red bra also enabled my boobs to shift up a lot, which made them look real large…”

“Ohhh…yeh to wohi hai…ab yaad aaya…bhai agar woh apne ghar mein tere ko fantasise kar ke tere saath sex kare to mein kya kar sakta hoon…..toone to use poori tarah se proove kar diya ki agar woh tere sexy boobs ka deewana hai to tu uske sexy laude ki deewani hai”

I said “Just shut up….OK ?”

” Abey jaa….jab uska mota land dekh rahi thi tab kya hua tha….neeche wet to ho gayi hogi. Hai na?”

I said “What’s bad in watching a boy ? I never knew that he was urinating……but Dear I really felt good while i was looking at his milky white land with a pink head…..itna beautiful land maine kabhi nahin dekha”

With these thoughts, I pulled my hubby closer to me and put my bare leg over his bare legs and started rubbing him thoroughly.I was sleeping on his left side with my head on his shoulder….my left breast touching his chest and right breast under his left arm-pit….as i lay between his body and his left hand…His left hand was inside my panty & gently caressing my both buttocks..and touching the cotton pad occasionally as I was having my second day at menstrual cycle.

Then slowly I moved my left hand over his undy…his penis was in a reduced state….I wanted him to masturbate and start a real live talk about my 21 year old student Sanjay fucking me (a 28 year old teacher of his)……I knew if i could get my hubby to the masturbating act then he would automatically start with Sanjay… i put my left hand inside his undy from his left thigh side….and held all three pieces of warm flesh inside….My hubby was slighlty sleepy….so i pulled all three out of his left side of undy…once outside into open air…his small puppy began to grow up as i rubbed my fingers over it….soon his small puppy started to grow in my hand and I could feel the soft puppy become hard & hard until i could feel it had become a hot banana about 9 inches long…I could feel hot throbbing flow in his muscle-bone as I held it tightly with my left hand……I could feel its throbbing nerves under the skin of his long pole as it was continuously throbbing up & down….there was a rush of warmth in his balls also as I held them both in my palm and my finger and thumb around the root of his long pole….

“Mangta hai kya saali ?” He asked sleepily.

“Yes” I said.

“kaise karegi ?”

“Tum karo aur mujhe dabao….mujhse khelo….aaj man kar raha hai ki koi mard mere saath khele…koi jawaan mard……very fair…sexy…with a long hard very fair Land deep inside my vagina…so that I could hold his pole tightly deep inside me as he would fuck me…..Aao mujhe ragad do…aaaaooouuuuhhhhhh naaaa”……..and with this I squeezed my hubby’s land and also his balls..

“Oyeeee….Pagal hogayi hai kya saali…..tatte kyon dabaa rahi hai ?”

I said “Tum mere Momme kyon dabate ho ? Ab pata chala dard kya hota hai ”

“Saali tatton ka dard badaa kharaab hota hai…ja main nahin muth marta”

I said “Oh…my poor boy…my sexy boy…I’m sooooory…I love you jaan…I’ll take your Land in my mouth…Wait”…. then I crawled down and held his hard cock in my hand tightly till it began to harden again…..slowly I put my lips on the shaft of the large penis….it seemed like his hand….it is so thick and large…….and started to lick his pole….slowly moving up…I took its head in my mouth and held it by my lips….my tongue began to play with his penis-head as i slurped it very hard….i played with his penis lips on its head and tried to put my tongue tip into it.

He immediately took a deep breath and said ” Aaja meri jaan….oopar aaja”

Back to the same position….i held his long pole again with his balls in my palm….i started to give him a slow massage…and he gave my buttocks a gentle squeez from behind with his left hand…his right hand started working up & down on his upright pole…..and then he started…..

” Ohhhhh…Seema….your 21 year old student is lying naked on the bed with his long milky white pole upright pointing towards the roof…….you are holding the long shaft of his penis in your hand and holding its pink head in your lips…and vigourosly moving your tongue over his penis-lips…..working your hand up & down his long pole as your sexy cunt is over his face and he’s licking your cunt-lips…..his tongue also working vigourosly inside your vagina… he holds both your buttocks above in both hands….actually you are like a doggy standing over him and he holding your buttocks to raise his body up so that his mouth can reach your dripping cunt-hole……

Seema your 21 year old student has a massive cock and he’s now turned you towards him as you face him and start kissing him…..he’s now holding your large ultra-soft boobs in his warm hands…….while you take his hard-rock penis in your hand and guide it towards your cunt-hole…… are sitting over him and with a gentle thrust you move your buttocks down and his entire length is absorbed inside your vagina…….now you can feel the massive hard cock which is throbbing inside your wet vagina……he’s under you….sucking one of your breasts and holding the other boob gently squeezing it in his hand….his other hand is squeezing your buttocks above….and this enables you to start your pelvic action as you move your buttocks up and down and your vagina gobbles his penis length……your 21 year old student has also started moving his buttocks up and down so that you both are now fucking each other…….you both are working aggressively and your body is vibrating with every inward thrust that your student gives inside your deep vagina… both are now moving your buttocks in the same way so that both your bodies move up and down same time…………sometime later you start to move your body faster and give a bit of moaning….


MA’AM MY LONG POLE IS MOVING DEEP INSIDE YOUR CUNT HOLE AND TOUCHING DEEP INSIDE YOU…….I’M FUCKING YOU HARDER….FASTER…….I”M HOLDING YOUR SEXY BUTTOCKS IN MY HANDS AND SUCKING YOUR SOFT BOOBS………suddenly you come in a special pelvic motion and give long buttock movements….you have reached orgasm over your student….with each inward thrust….you wait and release a warm load of cum over his penis inside your vagina… make about 6-8 such long movements and then stop….as your young partner is still busy ramming his hard pole inside you…….you now ask him to take out the penis as you move up your buttocks and his penis is left out in open….he’s still holding you to have sex further….but my Dear Seema you have better plans up your head being his teacher… hold his penis and remove the condom and take his already wet penis head in your mouth….he’s delighted… take more of his shaft in your mouth and start giving him strokes up & down his shaft with your hand…….this further heats up your student as he watches you over him working vigourosly on his long pole……..

TAKE MY LAUDA DEEP IN YOUR MOUTH MA’AM….SUCK IT REAL HARD MA’AM….OHHHHHHH MY SEXY MA’AM SUCK MY COCK REAL HARD MA’AM………SLURP YOUR TONGUE AROUND MY PENIS MY FUCKING SEXY BITCH MA’AM…….OOOOOOOHHHHHHH….AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH……….suddenly his buttocks begin to move in a special way as he also reaches his orgasm while you are working your hands continuously over his long shaft…..suddenly there is a warm jet of thick cum drops that come out of his penis lips and hit your face….some more cum droplets and he now starts to throw thick cum all over your face….thick cum all over your cheeks and your lips….you are still working your hand on his hard pole and take his dick in your mouth….he further releases fresh warm load of thick cum and you take it in your mouth like a spoonful of hot sweet corn soup….he stops now and you suck his penis to extract any left over cum inside his shaft…..”

My husband also released immediately as he was masturbating with my left hand holding his cock around its root…..he was happy that i satisfied his sexual desire while I was happy that I had fucked my 21 year old student…in my hubby’s fantasies ofcourse…….

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