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Pub Customer Took Me To Her Bed Room

Pub Customer Took Me To Her Bed Room

Pub Customer Took Me To Her Bed Room

This is a story of me and one hot lady came into pub I was working for. Hi hot girl’s housewife bahbhis moms divorced women’s any age women Myself Sahil from Bangalore. I am 24 & working in pub & morning time call boy services & body massage boy for female. You reach me at any time . Every thing will be secret and privacy 1000% guaranty, I already had fucked lots of women and everyone is very happy with my services.

Hey everyone I will not waste your time and directly I will take you for the real story which happened with me yesterday in my pub after pub close time, I will tell first about her, her name is Divya from Bangalore age is 45 hot beautifully women,
The pub was getting close at 12:55 AM and everyone was going out and in corner side the one lady was sitting and I went and told madam the pub is getting close please get up and go out and she was full drunk and not able to get up also and she told please help me to get up and drop me till my car and I told k madam,

Then I helped her till her BMW car and I opened the car driving site door and she site and told me thanks and she gave me 500 and then she asked me where you stay I told me stay in HSR layout and divay told she will drop me on the way and she is not able to site also properly on driving seat and drive also,

I told madam, I will only drive and I will drop till your home, then I will go to my home, then she said ok and back I went to the pub and informed to my manager that my friend is coming and I will go off and he also told me to go and then I went fast and the site in the car and started the car and moving and suddenly she ask my name and my salary and girlfriend I told everything.

And I asked about her, she told her husband went out of the country and kids are studying in hostel and she is alone in Bangalore and her work in MNC company and between of that she was showing the way and after 30 mint way her home came and that area was very rich area and she told that is her home and I stopped the car.

And she told me help and to open the home main door and I helped her to enter the home and I told madam, I will to my home and please clock your home door and sleep well and I turn back and moving out of her home, she called me and said it very late night and you will not get a bus from here and you sleep and go in the morning I said yes. And I helped her till her room and suddenly she told please sleep with me and make me happy will pay you more money and she hugs me, kissed me, I told madam what you are doing she told come please make me happy.

Then I went outside of her room and I drink water, then she came back and hugged me and told pleases, make me your one night wife and give me happiness and she cries and I asked what happened and I asked why you are crying and she told her husband not fucked to her from last one year and he is out of the country also. I told madam, I love you and kissed her in kitchen deeply on her lips uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmma aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh uuuummaaahhh,

I carried her in my arms and kissing on lovely red uuuuuummmmaaaahhhh lips took to the royal big bedroom and I put her on the bed and I told the baby I will make you fully happy full night she told all I am your full night do what you want but make me happy happy,

Our tongues were playing with each other, we were sucking each other’s lips like mad, things were going out of control and I am kissing very badly uuuuummmmmaaaahhhhhh.

She removed my full clothes and in wear and she is kissing me full body

Kissing on her neck uuuuuummmmmaaaahhhhh and she was in full mood and I removed her top and kissing on stomach uuuuuuuuummmmmmaaaaaahhhhhh and I went little down to kiss very badly and she told I can’t control please fuck me I told I will fuck at right time please control ok.

I removed her jeans pant and kissing full legs uuuuuummmmmaaaahhhhhuuuuuummmmmaaaahhhhh uuuuuumm mmmaa aahhhhh and she was in full heaven. I turned her back and kissing her full back body uuuuuummmmmaaaa hhhhhuuuuu ummmmmaaaahhhhh uuuuuummmmmaaaahhhhh, I removed her bra and started kissing on her big big breast uuuuuu mmmmmaaaah hhhhuuuuuummmmmaaa ahhhhhuuuuuummmm maaaahhhhhuuuuuummmm maaaahhhhh and I was full engine and she was in aaaahhhhhahhhhhh hooooooooo ahhhhhhh, my husband didn’t give this like happiness.

I removed her panty and kissing her pussy and she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it and she told my cock is bigger and her husband cock is very small and she was in full sucking aaaahhhhhahhhhhh hooooooooo ahhhhhhh .
And forced my dick into her pussy. Her pussy was so tight I already felt the heat inside her pussy I gradually pushed my dick harder into her pussy and into her pussy, both of aaaahhhhhahhhhhh hooooooooo ahhhhhhh

With Every push my dick deeper into her pussy she closed her eyes and started to moan aaaahhhhhahhhhhh hooooooooo ahhhhhhh Her moaning made me feel really horny and as and started to move my dick back and forth inside her pussy. As I kept fucking her by moving my dick back and she tells fuck fuck fuuuuck harder in she started to moan louder aaaahh hhhahhhhhh hooooooooo ahhhhhhh and She is like fuck me baby, fuck me hard. Take me to heaven. Please fuck me soon soon started aaaahhhhhahhhhhhhoooooooooahhhhhhh and randomly kissed her face, lip her breast uuuuumm mmmma aaaaahhhhhhuuuuummm mmmaaaaaahhhhhh

She was in full mood, she is telling getting pain please stop I told I will not stop I stared my speed to more and she was telling no no no no and kissing on her lips uuuummmmahhhuuuummmmmaaaaahhhhhh and kissing her neck uuuuuummmmmmmaaaaaahhhhhh and I love you Jan I love you so sweetheart and sucked her breast. And her sucking my lips and said I love you too,

I removed from her pussy and done dog style fuck fuck fuck me hared ahhhhhhhaaaahhhhhahhhhhh hoooooooooahhhhhhh and she told me you made me happy and I love you are my real husband uuuuuuuuummmmmmmmahhhhhhhhhhhhh doing fast and As I kept fucking her hard, she closed her eyes and cummed came full

I removed my cock from back and She is hungry eating my dick. She is giving a blowjob so fast uuuuuuuuum mmmmmm mahhhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuummmmmmmmahhhhhhhhhhh

She said she is very happy with my services and every week she need and her friend also searching like me only. So I planned a shower sex she agreed to it. We went to the bathroom and turn on the shower. We were just standing under the shower for some time and dive started giving a blow job. Fucking in her deep throat after good blowjob after so long time getting a blowjob is my favourite part and after that we came out

She hugged and slept nude night. I felt very happy giving a company to a sweetheart. We woke up in the morning at 10 AM, both are nude on the bed. She kissed uuuuummmmmmmaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh in the morning. And she told u r my everything I got up and got ready and left to my place she gave me her number and told that she would need my company anytime and asked me to keep in touch. And told in last she is very, very happy and speechless and she needs me every week two times and she told I love you husband uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.

This is a real story I am telling which happened. I feel awesome making happy for unsatisfied housewife girls or bhabhi moms any age of women please share the feedback . Any age of hot girl’s housewife bahbhis moms divorced women’s any age women in Bangalore or mysore or anywhere in south India can contact for the happiness pleasure & super duper services. You reach me at any time.

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