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Sex in Dubai

Hello Readers, Thank You for your mails, specially the virgin lady from UK, the phone sex was awesome. I will pen it down for readers some day. This is another story I hace penned down its not actual happenings, however the situations / scenario’s are true and have happened, it’s more like you find yourself in perfect situation where you day dream what – if scenarios and then snap out of the dream.
I am Rahul aged 33 Yrs from Noida, average looking may be a sidey to your crush in school but a very good listener & conversationalist, 5’5” with average build & tool around 6” with good girth, I hate stories where people fake with “my 7-9-12” tool popped out”. Continuing my job in middle east, I had taken leave, my sister had delivered baby boy, she had come down from dubai as her husband was travelling to UK for 2 months for Business.
I got call in early morning around 5 am from my boss saying I need to go to Dubai Expo to manage our product stall as one of the engineer their called in sick due to food poisioning. Having just seen my nephew I was in no mood to leave, but packed my bags and dumped into the back of my GMC, kissed my nephew, took my sisters house key and drove away.
5 Hrs Drive and I was in Dubai.
Rushed to her flat to freshen up & reached the Expo, the music was lively, the crowd were enthu and the sellers were aggressive. I high five my colleague and asked him to speed me up with product and sales. While he was explaining I saw a huge crowd bang opposite our stall surrounding a girl who was busy explaining something,When the crowd dispersed she turned around and her heels caught on the duct,
Taped to conceal the electric wire to the stall, she was about to loose her foot hold when I rushed and with one hand on her hand squatted down and held her feet to stable her, removed the heels from the wire and put it back on her feet. I slowly rised to see long skirt outlined nice thighs, a Red Top with small breast and then her face, she had a really nice eyes, her lips were perfect, she had put on liner on her upper & lower lip too look pecky and god she had a lovely smile with a
Big dimple on both her cheeks, her eyes could talk. She Thanked me and introduced herself as Rehana with ABC Co, she turned around and walked towards her stall and thats when my world came tumbling around me, she had the perfect Arse. No t very Big, Not very Small, Not sagging… Just perfect, visual of which would just be possible of G String Ad models. I smiled and walked back at my stall, my colleague had a sly smile on his face and said
Now that’s a total distraction for our sale”, he told me he knows the girl and her collegue and they meet up for lunch. I waited till lunch break and we went for lunch, she smiled and we got on to talking about our life, she was sweet, childish and yet her eyes were naughty. She was 22, enjoyed wild parties, liked exotic beaches where she can walk around in bikinis, enjoyed getting attention.
She moved close across the table while my colleague and her collegue chatted awat and asked me up front, “did you like it?” I gagged on my sandwich and asked “Liked what?” She said “I saw you checking me out when I was walking back to stall”. I turned Red and was blushing, she patted my hand and said “Its Ok I get the compliment all the time”. I moved next to her and asked her did she enjoy sex?
She gave me that naughty dimpled smile, god it was driving me crazy, and said “all the time, I love sucking cocks and specially have them rubbing between my crack”, my heart jumped a beat when she continued, “ I like my arse being spanked while the guy pounds me from behind”. I could not resist but I had a hard on and it was hurting the position it was in, so I excused and tried to adjust myself, she looked down.
When I looked at her I saw her looking at the outline of my cock, a slight movement of her tongue roll around her lips. I took my chances and told her I have drove down to Dubai and am staying at my sisters apartment alone near Bur Dubai, if she is Ok we could go there after work, enroute grab some dinner, a movie and chill out. She said she was fine with that only she had to drive back with her colleague to Sharjah as she stays there.
She said she will figure out something. After about an Hour she walked by my stall and dropped a chit. I looked up, she smiled and walked away. I opened it and it read, “meet me at Gate 4 @ 8:30 PM”, she had told her colleague her brother is picking her up. I smiled at my luck and turned to see my colleague smiling,he patted me and said “Enjoy the party dude, come late tomorrow, I will handle the opening”.
At 8:30, I drew my GMC near Gate 4 & she jumped in. We were both excited like school kids, she asked me what’s for dinner, I was in mood of eating her pussy, but asked her to decide, she told me she wants to pick up bucket from KFC, so we drove down to KFC, took away the bucket, picked up Ice Cream pack & some flick for the player. She opened the bucket and picked a boner, started eating it, when I looked at her she winked naughtily, licked it, then took it between her lips, sucked it & moaned loudly.
I was getting a boner not that she noticed & giggled. “Time to adjust again.!!” she said and she started stroking my boner in pant, I could barely handle the wheel, and my brain was totally confused between brake pedal and clutch. She started cupping her own tits and nibbling my ear, I almost scratched the next lane car and asked her to ease it, she giggled again. I almost blasted though the security compound and parked my car, we got out of the car,
Walking to lift with my hands full with bag, she was tugging on to my hand, feeling my chest, pinching my nipple and rubbing my cock while sucking on to my ears, in the lift she pushed me back and kissed my neck, cheeks, ears… We reached the apartment and I asked her to take the keys from my pocket, instead of picking the keys she put her hand in my pocket and reached on to my cock,
I looked at her and she opened her mouth rolling her toungue, I could barely breath, blood was rushing in my head, I pleaded her to open the door. She pulled the keys, jiggled her ass and opened the door, she walked in to orient with the house, but I just threw the bags on the shoe rack, kicked the door shut, picked her up from behind and put her on sofa, she was giggling all the while, I put my hands in her Top and grabbed her tits, she lift her head and moaned
Yeah baby… you like them..Oh I want you to suck on to them” I said “ I have better plans You Tease!, I want this Arse of yours” she turned around and sat on sofa and said “ not so soon baby, let me get your cock up and ready to pound me” she almost ripped my belt and pant button, undid the zip and with one swipe pulled my pants and boxers down, my cock was was blue with pain, she looked up at me and smiled,
She wet her toungue and licked the head of my cock, she licked the side of my cock, and then spit on it, she spread the spit evenly on the side and top of my cock, ran a toungue at the lower part of the cock, before I could realize why her hands were on my ass, she pearced her nails deep on the skin of my ass cheeks and with reflex I pushed forward, my cock was in her mouth, she moaned looked upto me with those naughty eyes and smiled.
She sucked my cock like a pro, bobbing on my cock, her mouth started drooling, she pulled out and got back in all the way to the end of my cock, I could feel her breath on my pelvic bone, the head of my cock felt like it was in for a home run. I could not stand straight, my head felt like it would explode. When I looked down she was fingering her pussy, her hands were wet, she was collecting drool from her lower cheek and playing with herself.
I pushed her from my cock, and told her “show me watchu got?” I flipped her around and lifted her long skirt, God she had a lovely arse, she was wearing a G string, she turned and looked me into eyes and said “like it baby?” “Its all yours..!!”, I pulled her G down and she held her ass cheeks apart for me, her hole was wet with saliva and I realized she was fingering her clit and ass.
I put my face to her crack, I started stroking her pussy lips all the way to her arse hole, when I licked she starting bucking, I came down to her pussy, used my finger to open the hood to her clit and pressed my thumb, rubbing her clit, while my tongue worked on her hole, she was moaning loud now, her hips were bucking to my face and she kept pressing her tits shouting “spank me..!!
Spank me hard for I have sinned…I have been a selfish bitch.. Spank me..!!”
I got up and placed my cock to her pussy lips and told her “ you bitch you have been very naughty today…!! like a whore.. !! u deserved to be punished..!!” and with one big push I rammed my cock in her pussy. She let out a big moan, I spanked her hard on her cheek and she yelped…!
She started bucking back wildly on my cock shouting “yeah baby fuck me… punish me…oh I love your cock..!!” I spanked her again, and again..while I ponded harder into her pussy. In a while I could feel her squirting on my cock and bucking back on my cock, while self pinching her nipples. Her arse looked awesome jiggling on my cock. The moans grew louder than the noise of my spanking her.
Her arse had turned red, I was going crazy looking at her arse jiggle, I held both of her arse cheeks in my hand and pounded her like I had to to run my last lap for life, God I could feel like I was in heaven, the room light felt dim, the pleasure was so intense that her screams were barely audible, with one last push I explode into her pussy, my head rolled back my eyes closed and it felt like eternity of cumming.
Slowly I could start hearing her moans of “oooh ooh..!!” I opened my eyes and the room around me moved from dimness to light. I looked down at her, my hands still gripping her arse cheeks, I released them and she plopped on to sofa. I staggered and fell on the sofa next to her, she looked at me smiled and pecked my cheek, in husky voice she said “ I felt like I saw stars…!”, I felt like telling her I felt I just came back from heaven.
We kissed and she suddenly jumped from the sofa and said “Time for Dinner…!! Lets freshen up and have dinner; we still need to catch that movie we got…!! She pulled me off the sofa and I wondered next is what? Will continue with what happened next If you liked my story please do drop your comments at, your comments would help me in writing more about such stories and situation I came across but never went ahead to accomplish the day dream or fantasy and also in improving my writing skills.

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