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Sexy Pooja Aunty

First I introduce myself. My name is Vicky. ya this is vicky again from jaipur,I am an Manager of a firm aged 27. I am a well built guy, wheatish in color. I always had the thirst for sex. Daily at night, I used to masturbate in my bed. I usually wear only shorts and sando at night. I dont wear any inners. My cock will always be free and feel the comfort of free air in my area. I have a seperate room, where no one can disturb me. So I am always free to play with my cock any time. I use every chance I had for enjoying my sexual pleasure. At night, I used to watch xx movies and free myself by removing my shorts and sando. I will be naked when i watch xx movies and enjoy masturbating several times. I use different things such as coconut oil, soap water for masturbation. Often I will be in home alone for several days together. As others in my home will be going to my native place very often. Next to my house is Mr. Patel’s house. He is of age 33. He is a nice man, very sincere to his work. I used to go to his house and we used to talk lot about my management wrk and other general matters. His wife Mrs.Pooja Patel is also a good lady of age 25. She is slim, good looking and of very fair complexion. They are north indians, shifted to our place some one year back. I always had the lust for Mrs.Pooja. But what to do she is married. If she is unmarried, I would have proposed her. She had such a pretty face and admirable assets. At morning, when I finish my exercise work-outs in the terrace of my house, I can see Mrs.Pooja cooking on the kitchen wearing her nighty. My cock will get hard as soon as I see her. But I will control myself. When she comes to the street to get milk from the milk-man, I too stand near the parapet wall and watch her beauty in nighty. I used to wonder Mr.Patel is very lucky to have such a beautiful wife. That week none was there in my house except me. I am going to be alone in home for 1 week since I had my college. I had my breakfast and lunch in the mess. At night I used to cook simple food for dinner. After which I will masturbate till late night and then go to sleep. Next day, a friend of mine gave me a xx cd and told me that the movie will be extremely horny. I was very eager to watch that movie. While I came back to home by Bike, my entire thought was about the movie. I came home at around 7pm. And closed the door inside. Put on the TV and inserted the cd into the player. I decided to cook food only after finishing the movie. It will run atleast for next 2hrs. The movie started… A muscular guy was running a plaything shop. A sexy girl wearing micro miniskirt entered the shop. I could see she didn’t wear any panty. Also her boobs will fall out if her dress is slightly pulled down. I became hot and unzipped my pants. I took my cock out and also removed my shirt. I another few minutes, I was totally naked.The movie continued…..The sexy girl ordered a plaything. But the guy said that the thing she orderd is not available. But instead he said he can show some other play thing. Saying this he pulled his pants down and showed his cock to that girl. The girl also got excited and took his cock in her hands and put it in her mouth. I was terrifically aroused and was masturbating great. Suddenly, I could feel some movement at the window. Mrs.Pooja was standing there. She saw me watching her and took her head back. I was embarrased. I don’t know what to do. Quickly I put off the TV and wore my clothes. Then I heard the doorbell ringing. I raised up and opened the door. Mrs.Pooja was standing there with a cover. She gave that to me and said the postman dropped the letter in her house by mistake. I got it from her. But felt shy to see her face. Mrs.Pooja intendedly asked what I was doing. Initially I didn’t tell anything. But she said that she watched everything I was doing. I began sweating. By that time Mr.Patel called her back from his home and she urged back, but with a cunning smile at her lips. After she left, I was shouting at myself for masturbating with the windows opened. But what to do she had seen everything. I didn’t see the remaining movie. (To be continued…..) Hi girls and guys reply ur comments to Yet to continue with lot of erotic stuff to amaze u. Thanks. With Regards, vickymail me at

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