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Strip Dance- Sex story

Strip Dance- Sex story

Strip Dance- Sex story

Hello fellow readers this is my sex story, hope you guys love reading it .

He watched me from across the room as I slowly unzipped the black dress I was wearing. Settling on the chair nearest to him, he took a sit and loosened his tie. I gave him a coy smile before slowly taking the dress off. It fell to the floor with a thud and I walked over it as I made my way towards him. Indian sex stories

I deliberately swayed my hips as his eyes trailed on my body, taking in the lacy black lingerie I was wearing within. I stopped a few meters away from him and started to move my body to a beat only I could hear. I rocked back and forth, caressing my waist with my own hands, before turning around and giving him a full view of my ass and back. I heard him hum in approval as he took in my well-toned ass and long legs. Taking my time, I ran my hands against my hair before reaching for the back of my bra and unhooking it.

As the black bra falls to the floor, I turned to face him, showing him my breasts. He smirked, taking in how perky and large they were. Wasting no more time, I played with my breasts as I continued swaying. I slowly approached him as I did so and found satisfaction as he visible gulped and looked away. Standing before him, I continue to dance, alternating between messing my hair and playing with my breasts.

Then, taking him by surprise, I suddenly sat above him and started giving him a lap dance. His nervousness made it all the more enjoyable for me as I deliberately hit his dick with my ass and felt it getting harder. He struggled to keep a stoic expression as I looked him in the eye and bit my lips. That appears to be the last straw as he finally leaned forward and grabbed my face, giving me a passionate kiss on the lips, clearly showing that he decided he had enough of my teasing.

“tanmay,” I moaned against his lips as he continued kissing me.

“I want you so much, ravina. I swear to god, you kill me,” he grunted in frustration before finally carrying me to bed and making me lie on my back.

He pushed my underwear to the side before shoving his dick in, making me moan in protest. He started to move his body back and forth as I thrashed and moaned beneath him. His huge dick pounded its way inside my pussy, clearly wanting to go deeper and deeper. I gasped as he finally found my g-spot and started moaning uncontrollably whenever he hit it. His hands massaged my ass as he continued fucking me, taking his time in rubbing my asshole before finally smacking it. With each thrust, he slapped my ass, treating me like a very naughty girl who was getting her punishment. He then opted to pull my hair as he continued to ride me, grunting as he did so.

He made me face him afterwards and started fucking me with my legs wrapped around his waist. I took in his satisfied and cocky expression as he towered above me, clearly proud of having conquered me. Visible drops of sweat started to roll down his neck and stain the shirt he was wearing. Wasting no time, he ripped his long sleeves and pants off, leaving only his tie on before he continued to pound into me. I took in his ripped muscles and arms with visible satisfaction and approval. I like how he looked hot but not scary – some guys looked scary when they were too ripped but he was the proper mixture of ripped and still desirable.

He combed his bangs out of his face as he continued to take from the front before massaging my breasts. He poked my nipples gently before proceeding to pinched them hard, causing me to writhe from under him. He took his time in working with my breast using his hands before replacing them with his mouth.

Moving expertly from one breast to another, he flicked each nipple with his tongue and made them both hard and erect in the matter of seconds. As if that wasn’t enough, he made me go down on my knees and asked me to squeeze my breasts together before he went on to fuck the space in between them. As his hard dick moved in between them, he took over squeezing my breasts together and asked me to finger myself instead.

I did as he asked, rubbing my clit first before inserting two fingers in.
He thrust for a few more moments before shoving his dick on my face next, asking me to suck on them and blow him while I continued to pleasure myself. I obediently licked the head going towards the long shaft before taking the whole thing inside my mouth. I moved my head up and down, struggling to match the timing with my fingers. I raised my other hand and reached towards his balls. Feeling their weight on the palm of my hand, I started to massage them, causing him to moan loudly. Soon enough, he took charge of thrusting his penis inside my mouth before going back to my pussy and continued fucking me there. Spreading my legs apart, he assaulted my breasts as he continued to move his hips, pounded into me hard.

My fingers went straight and started pulling on them, moaning as I did so. He grunted in satisfaction as we continued, his body stiffening while my moans started becoming harder and more intense. I felt something inside me threatening to burst so I took his face and pulled it towards me, before kissing him full on the lips. I felt him smile against mine before responding back in a more passionate manner. We continued kissing as he fucked me, letting both ourselves go. And when we did came, it happened in the form of a loan and guttural groan. Looking at his sleepy expression, I smiled to myself before finally admitting that maybe I did love him.

How did you like my sex story? I will try to bring you more of my sexual experiences soon…

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