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The unexpectedsex with happy ending and pic Sex story

The unexpectedsex with happy ending and pic Sex storysex stories

I had an appointment with my massage therapist that I was looking forward to. I’ve been going to her off and on for the last few months when my back and shoulders were hurting. She is 6 foot 1 with long tone legs, short hair and 34 D cup boobs. She always wear yoga pants that show off her ass and a tight shirt that made it hard to relax and enjoy my massage. The last few visits we would flirt back and forth some but nothing to risqué. She instructed me to get undressed and get under the covers face down. I did as instructed and waited for her to get back into the room. I was thinking about how hot she was looking when I heard the door open and she said “What seems to be hurting you today” “My shoulders and my glutes hurt” I responded. ” Oh really, your glutes ” she chuckled while putting some music on and warming her hands. The massage was going as normal in the beginning but then I would feel her thighs brush up against my shoulders from time to time. On one occasion she was by my right arm leaning over rubbing my left side and my hand was touching her inner thigh near her pussy. I thought I heard a low moan come from as she slowly rotated her hips. I could feel heat coming from her pussy which made my cock start to stir around.

She told me she was going to start working my glutes so she maneuvered the sheet to expose one of my butt cheeks so she could work on those muscles. She was really working my muscles when one of her fingers brushed against my nut sack and butt hole. I let out a little moan and my cock started getting real hard, but she kept massaging so I thought maybe it was an accident. She would rub up and down my inner thigh and her fingers would get real close to my cock and balls. She switched sides and this time her hand ran across my taint and asshole. I squirmed around a little after that last pass and heard her giggle a little.

She asked if I liked that and all I could do was nod. She told me to roll over so she can work on my front. My cock was hard as a rock as I was rolling over and she let out a little sigh and said ” My my what do we have here”? I shot back with “This was your fault with your teasing ” and started to laugh. I was trying to relax when she walked up towards my head. She started rubbing my chest and would slide her hands down towards my stomach. When doing this it would put her vagina just a inch or so above my face. I could smell her scent and it was driving me crazy. She did this a few times before I decided to grab her butt, pulling her into my face. I can hear her moan while I applied pressure through the thin fabric directly on her pussy. She pulled the sheet away and dove right onto my cock. She was sucking the tip for a little while before she engulfed my whole member down her throat. She was going to town on me and in no time I could feel my balls tighten up. I moved my head from her cunt to tell her to slow down.

After hearing me, she stood up and stepped out of her pants and took her top off. Before I could say anything she climbed back onto the table and had my cock in her mouth. My tongue went straight for her clit and was working it pretty good when she started to grind her pussy into my face. All I could do was hold on to her ass and not fall off. My tongue was darting in and out of her cunt and the tip of my nose would apply pressure to your asshole. It didn’t take long before I could hear her moans getting louder and louder as my tongue went deep inside of her. I took her clit between my lips and sucked on it really really hard. That pushed her over the edge and I felt a gush of fluid run down my chin as her body shooked.

After coming off her climax she spun around and lowered herself onto my hard staff in one quick motion. She started raising and lowering herself onto my cock while I reached around and grabbed that perfect ass. I spread her cheeks and slightly played with her hole. She groaned into my ear while nibbles my neck. I started sucking on her pierced nipples but I needed to cum so I grabbed her ass and started slamming my cock in and out of her cunt. We were both moaning when she exclaimed “Oh shit I’m going to cum again, fuck me harder harder harder” with that she let out a scream and her pussy released a liquid flood all over my cock. I kept up that pace until my balls tighten up and unleashed a wave of cum. I coated the inside of her pussy and she collapsed into my arms. We laid there to catch our breath before she got off my penis. She went to the bathroom to clean up and I put my clothes back on.

She got out of the bathroom, walked over and gave me a passionate kiss. Our tongues played tag for awhile then she patted me on the ass and said “Good game” here is the picture that i took.

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