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Thoughts of an EX- Desi sex story

Thoughts of an EX- Desi sex story

Thoughts of an EX- Desi sex story

Thoughts of an EX- Desi sex story
Hello my name is Anuja and this is my first desi sex story on Sucksex. Here it goes: Desi gand

Today I ran into an ex boyfriend and suddenly all the memories of the time we had together swarmed my mind and distracted my focus. My husband to be is beside me… We just had a fight and I had angrily gone to clear my mind when I ran into my ex, mahesh. He was still as handsome as always. I missed the feel of his hands on my body. Just then, my fiancé’s voice drew me back.
“I want to know that your heart is still with me, anuja.

We have survived through many tides and the turbulence of the ocean has led us to this perfect green island where we can finally be together forever. I could kill myself if my own actions are what stop us from being what we are meant to be. I love you, anuja, and you know that. I know you know that.” arjun says. He has genuine sadness in his eyes. I suddenly begin to see the very same reasons why I fell for this man in the first place. The way he makes me feel like the most important thing in his life just blows me off my feet.

I knew his flaws right from the moment I met him. I have lived with it through the course of our relationship and it has led us to this moment. arjun and I have something very special.
I almost jump when I feel his hand on my arm. He has moved close to me now and he is staring deeply into my eyes with his bright blue eyes which are slowly turning darker as he continues to stare into my eyes.
“I don’t want to lose you, anuja” he says.
“I don’t want to lose you too” I reply, placing my hand over his and pressing his palm into the softness of my arm.

He can see that there is something off about me from my eyes. I assure him that all is well and that I am just tired and excited about the wedding. He hugs me and helps me take off my clothes. He even helps me into the shower and scrubs me.

Mid way through the scrubbing, arjun begins to kiss my neck and trace his kisses down my back as the shower washes away the soap from my skin. Even though I know that it is arjun with me in the shower, all my mind can think of is mahesh. I imagine that mahesh is running his beautiful soft tongue down my tender skin, kissing me like the best thing that ever happened to him. He puts his hands round my body and allows them glide up to my breasts, cupping them and slightly pinching my nipples. I let out a moan as I can feel his masculine heat on me albeit the cool water that is cascading down from my head to every part of my body.

He whispers sweet words into my ears. Even if I cannot hear any of them, I know they are telling me that I am the most beautiful woman in the world and every other set of words that sends my head spinning over my shoulders. His hands do down south and graze slightly over my bush which I only shaved seven days ago. I like to keep a clean trim of hair down there. And then oh… his finger fins the entrance of my vagina and start to play with my lips, making me shudder and begin to grind on his hard erection which I can feel on my lower back. It is so hard and I know that it wants to do many things to me.

I take my hand blindly behind me and grab his shaft, squeezing it in a firm grip and taking my hand just underneath the cap. He lets out a sigh as he feels that soft, yet firm hold. We finish washing each other and start to play a kissing game into the bed room. I try not to look at his face so much so that I do not kill the mood because I have an entirely different image in my mind. Our tongues engage in a tug of war before he stops, breaks the kiss and takes a look at me.

I keep my eyes closed and wait for the kiss to continue but he does not do anything else. He pushes me back on the bed and spreads my legs. I look straight up to the ceiling as he dives in between my legs with his head. The first touch of his tongue on my honey pot sent chills through every vein and artery in my body. I take my hand to his head and push it deeper in there. He doesn’t seem to mind. He continues to suck and lap the sweetness of my pussy. Right now, I am in the eleventh heaven.

I can feel my juices start to leave the fruits of each part of my insides. It feels like a joint effort to give me the most intense orgasm that I can ask for. Just when I can feel the juices start to leave their base, I feel his hard dick slide into me. Oh…. That feels so good. In just a few strokes, my pussy starts convulsing. He does not stop, though. He continues to pound deep into me and with each stroke comes a new feeling. I am conscious however not to mention mahesh’s name. That would be so awkward.

He drives into me with so much energy that he starts to breathe heavily and I know that it won’t take long before he pours his seed inside me.
And I am right. I feel him start to stiffen as his thrusts become faster and more rhythmic and consistent. His eyes are shut close. This is the first time that I am actually looking at him for real since we started this. And just then he starts to release his seed deep inside me. He stops abruptly immediately he is done and rolls to the other side of the bed. “I love you” He whispers.

“I love you too” I say to him. If he only knew that I was thinking about another man while he did all the hard work. I look sideways and watch s he sleeps off. Thoughts of mahesh revisit my mind. How can I be getting married to one man when thoughts of another occupy my mind?
How was my desi sex story? Did you enjoy it?

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