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Bestfriend’s Mom (Real story) MILF Stories

Bestfriend’s Mom (Real story) MILF Stories

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Bestfriend’s Mom (Real story) MILF Stories Bestfriend’s Mom (Real story) MILF Stories My bestfriends mom Suja 42 years old MILF, 4.8 feet height , fair look. I was like a son for her. I used to vist her home every weekend. Her family cosists of she and 2 daughters only. One among them was my best frind. The experience of fucking my bestfriend was already published. One saturday around 12.30 PM I reached her home. There I found that the two girls are planning to go out. They told me that they will be back with in two hours. So me and her mom was alone. While they stepped out she began to talk about her husband who was working abroad. Then she started washing the plates at kitchen. I sat in a chair there. There was a lot f plates to wash. When the tap was ON, the water began to fl

Cute Love Messages

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CUTE LOVE MESSAGESLove starts with you and ends on your nameIt is that passionate burning flameThat burns on both the sidesI truly love you a lot,You stay in my every thought!-----------------------------------------------------A perfect love stands by each test of timeIt is not about gifts and gesturesIt is all about the love and timeYou are mine and I know it wellAnd I have just a thing to tellThat I love you a lot!-----------------------------------------------------All relationships have one law.Never make the one you fell alone,especially when you are there.[ads-post]I smile like an idiotWhen I am talking to you doesn'tmatter if it's in person orThrough text or anything else.I just smile because it is you.-----------------------------------------------------A person that truly loves y...

Love Sms For Boyfriend

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LOVE SMS FOR BOYFRIENDLove is not what the mind thinks,       but what the heart feels. I love you dear.-----------------------------------------------------Hold me tight Hug me with all your mightKiss me softlyCaress me tenderlyGaze into my eyes for a whileGive me a reason to smileCome back in my life babyJust say that you still love me...-----------------------------------------------------Every night I fall asleepwith a smile on my face,Because I know that I am going to wake up and meetthe person who puts in there...[ads-post]Baby, do you knowthat you mean a lot,I am saying this fromme every thought Will love you till the end of timeCoz i feel lucky to call you mine,Love you a lot!-----------------------------------------------------I love you for...

Love Sms For Girlfriend

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LOVE SMS FOR GIRLFRIENDThe only word to describe you is mineand the only word to describe us is forever....I love you sweet heart. -----------------------------------------------------You are my life,You are my hopes,You are my inspiration You are my everything.I love you-----------------------------------------------------There are only three things whichI want to tell you,I really love you a lot,I really miss you a lot,I really care for you,[ads-post]You are in my every thought!You changed my life.You changed my ways.I don't even recognize myself these days,It must be a reflection of you.-----------------------------------------------------I don't have words to describe what I feel for you.I fall deeper in your love with every passing day.Every moment I spend with you, fee...

Girlfriend Sms

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GIRLFRIEND SMS"Somewhere between all our laughs,  long talks, stupid little fights and all our lame jokes...I fell in love".                                             -----------------------------------------------------Life is full of romance,passion and surprises,but it would mean absolutely nothing ifI didn't have youby my side.-----------------------------------------------------Last night I hugged my pillowand dreamed of you. I hugged mypillow and dreamed of you. I wishthat someday I'd dream aboutmy pillow and I'd be hugging you.[ads-post]I love my eyes when you look into them.I love my name when you say It.I love my heart when you touch it.I love my...

Romantic Love Sms For Girlfriend

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ROMANTIC LOVE SMS FOR GIRLFRIENDImmature Love Says:'I love you because I need you.'Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.'-----------------------------------------------------Love is the simplerFeeling, I dream everynight about you I want to capture your heart.I love you!-----------------------------------------------------If a kiss could sayjust how much I loveyou, my lips would be on yours forever![ads-post]I love seeing youhappy and my biggest reward is seeingyou smile.----------------------------------------------------- For you, I may be justone person. But for me,you are the world.Love you forever.-----------------------------------------------------You can love me or hate me kiss me orpush me down and ill stand up because instaying strong for you.

Romantic Messages For Wife

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ROMANTIC MESSAGES FOR WIFENot a wonderful wife, You are my best friend, I love being able to grow old with you......<3-----------------------------------------------------I want every morning f mine to begin with seeingmy wife smile. Because she looks so beautiful when she does. I love you my sweet heart.-----------------------------------------------------Each time I look at your beautiful face,I feel my heart melt in your love.I just can not stop thinking about you.I just love you my dear wife. [ads-post]My love for you knows no time and place,My heart starts thumping, Every time I seeyour beautiful face. I love you dear.......<3-----------------------------------------------------You are that woman who transformed my imperfections into perfections, just by...

Love Sms To Wife

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LOVE SMS TO WIFEWords Are Few But,My Love Is True.Feelings are old;of you I am so fond.I Love You Sweet Heart-----------------------------------------------------My dear,My love,You can never see,How much I love you,And what you mean to me.-----------------------------------------------------I am so damn lucky,Coz I will grow old with you,With you around,Everything is so new and bright,This is to my life,To my only wife,I love you darling!.[ads-post]Every single day that I spend being your wife,I realize how lucky I amto live such an amazinglife. I love you dear.-----------------------------------------------------In spite of being married to youfor so many years, you continueto impress me everyday!. -----------------------------------------------------Life is boring and dull wit...

Hindi Love Message

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HINDI LOVE MESSAGEHum Aapki Yaad Mein Udaas Hain,Bus Aap Say Milne Ki Aas Hain,Chahe Dost Kitne Bhi Kyu Na Ho,Mere Liye To Bus Aap Hi Khaas Hain-----------------------------------------------------Teri Khoosbu Ko Zara Mehsoos Karunga,Teri Baat Ko Zara Gaur Se Sununga,Agar Tu Meri Har Hasrat Ko Pura Karey,To Dekhna Zindagi Bhar Teri Pooja Karunga,[ads-post]Jindagi Bhar Hum Tumhe Aawaaj Dengay,Pyaar Kya Hain Hum Tumhe Bata Dengay,Tod Do Bandisey Jamaney Ki Saathiyaa,Ek Nayi Duniya Hum Bassa Dengay.----------------------------------------------------- Aankhon Ki Jubaan Woh Samaz Nahi Paatey,Hum Magar Kuch Keh Nahi Paatey,Apni Bebasi Kis Tarha Kahe Ki,Koi Hain Jiskey Bina Hum Reh Nahi Paatey.

Hindi Love Sms

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HINDI LOVE SMSKashti Ko Saahil Ki Talaash Rehti Hai,Har Dil Ko El Dil Say Milnay Ki Aas Rehti Hai,Koi Farak Nahi Padhta Pass Yah Durr Ho,Mohabbat Ko Manzil Ki Talaash Rehti Hai.-----------------------------------------------------Teri Aankhon Main Dekha Hai Ek Suroor,Aey Hasina Lazmi Hai Tera Guroor,Par Ek Baat Yaad Rakhna Aay Hujoor,Aashiq Hai Hum Mohabbat Karengay Jaroor.-----------------------------------------------------Is Dil Ka Kehna Mano Bus Ek Kaam Kardo,Ek Be-Naam See Mohabbat Mere Naam Kardo,Meri Zaat Par Faqat Itna Ehsaan Tum Kardo,Kisi Din Subah Ko Milo, Aur Shaam Kardo...!![ads-post]Khushboo Teray Pyaar Ki Mujhay Mehak Jati Hai,Teri Har Baat Mujhay Behka Jaati Hai,Saansey To Bohet Waqt Leti Hai Aaney Jaane Main,Har Saans Say Pehli Teri Yaad Dil Ko Dhadka Jaati Hain...--------...
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