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Las Vegas Strip clubs:

Las Vegas Strip clubs Arrive in style to the top strip club in Las Vegas. We offer complimentary shuttle pick up from your hotel to the only Full Nude Club in Vegas that serves alcohol. We won’t leave you hanging at the end of the night – this ride is round trip!

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Las Vegas Strip clubs

Las Vegas Strip clubs Sure, Vegas has topless pools, and massive lingerie parties,  and highly prestigious bikini contests, but the best way to enjoy Sin City’s natural, and… um, unnatural beauty is in the area’s finer gentlemen’s establishments, which we’ve Las Vegas Strip clubs tirelessly scoured so you’ll know where to go for the best happy hour, the chance to see a celebrity, and, if you’re lucky, a really great value. And yes, by “value” we mean get lucky.Best Happy Hour: Treasures Gentlemen’s Club & Las Vegas Strip clubs.

Las Vegas Strip clubs
Las Vegas Strip clubs

Off the Strip
This “steakhouse” has a buffet so sweet it’ll almost make you forget the place is staffed by a bevy of mostly-naked women, and a price during its daily 4-6p happy hour that definitely will: free.

Las Vegas Strip clubsBest Place To Take a Swim: Sapphire
Off the Strip
A lot of Vegas pools give you a chance to hang out with hot girls in bikinis and drink booze, but there’s only one Vegas pool that’s owned by an actual topless bar, and therefore gives you a chance to hang out with hot girls in wayyyy less than bikinis and drink booze. This one.

Las Vegas Strip clubsBest Place To Get a Drink: Palomino Club
North Las Vegas
Due to some loopholes in the law, this spot north of Downtown is the only club in Vegas that offers fully nudity and alcohol. And dancers too young to work at most Vegas establishments, but you probably won’t even notice because: nudity AND alcohol!

Las Vegas Strip clubs

Best Place to Have a Bachelor Party: Spearmint Rhino
Off the Strip
The Rhino has a big reputation to live up to and largely delivers thanks to some of the most attractive women in Vegas. A few of ’em even tell us they fly in from out of town just to work here for a few weeks… and that of course they really like us, and no, it isn’t just about the money. How could we even ask that?Las Vegas Strip clubs

For MAP of  All Nude Sex Pool and Club Click Here

Las Vegas Strip clubs

Las Vegas Strip clubs;

The Las Vegas Taxi Mafia

Strip Clubs in Las Vegas are notorious for gouging out of state tourists at the door, charging exorbitant cover fees as high as $50. That said, the clubs do not keep or profit from these high cover charges. The money is paid as a kickback or commission to the taxi driver, limo driver, hotel doorman, or promoter that sent the business to the club. It’s not a good deal for the clubs and it’s not a good deal for you, the club guest. You might be wondering why Las Vegas Strip Clubs would participate in this practice of kickbacks and high covers. In a nutshell it’s a competitive business and if only one strip club is paying kickbacks it will receive the lion\’s share of the business, so to even out the field all the clubs pay kickbacks. Even worse for tourists seeking the best strip clubs in Las Vegas, is that the club paying the highest kickbacks or commissions generally receives the most referrals from drivers, doormen, promoters, and concierge services. Given this system of paying for referrals, it is impossible to get an honest recommendation from anyone working in Las Vegas who is on the strip club dole.

What are we doing at a this strip club? We asked for that strip club!

suhagraat stories Meri Suhagraat Ki Chudaasi Cheekhen
suhagraat stories Meri Suhagraat Ki Chudaasi Cheekhen

This leads to a frustrating experience for tourists. Many times you will not even arrive at the kind of strip club you asked for (an all nude club for example). If there’s a topless club paying more, that’s where the driver will take you. And again, the question of legitimate recommendations comes up as this extends well beyond the driver circuit. For example, one might expect the door man, valet, or even bartender at a strip casino to give an unbiased opinion about the best strip clubs in town, but you would be wrong. These casio employees are not beyond the reach of Vegas strip club kick backs. And we would be dishonest if we said the internet is beyond the reach of kickback dollars, Las Vegas based websites are affected as well. If you have ever done a web search for Las Vegas nightlife, you know the myriad of sites available. Everything from VIP hosting sites, to Vegas Concierge sites, to Las Vegas limousine and party bus sites most likely have an affiliation with prefered strip clubs and accept kickbacks.

What makes different?

In a nutshell our business model is not like other competing websites and certainly nothing like how the how the drivers and network of casino employees operate. First off, we work directly with the clubs. Not only is each club listed in best las vegas strip clubs worthy of its spot, but our company gets paid for advertising, and not on a per head basis. Therefore, we have zero interest in sending you to a club that you didn’t want to go to. It also gives us the unique capacity to offer guests who book through our site no cover and complimentary transportation. We care about our guests experience and have done everything we can to pass our savings onto you while showing you a great time.

The dirty local secret

And here’s the dirty little secret: there’s not a local in Las Vegas who would pay that cover, so why should you? I guess the simple answer is YOU SHOULDN’T! Now this is not to say everything is free, clubs have to make their money somehow. Most of our partnering Vegas Strip Clubs will grant you free entry upon arrival, however some do require a two-drink minimum. But hey who isn’t going to have at least two drinks at the club? And depending on whom you know at the club, this policy applies to locals too. Hopefully this clarifies the Las Vegas strip club cover game and why booking through us, and getting the direct reservation with the strip club of your choice is the best and most cost effective option. I might add that the house transportation provided by our partnering Vegas Strip clubs is always top notch and always complimentary, although a tip for the driver is a nice touch.

Lets save some money!

When you consider the limo or taxi ride to the club is $30 to $100 dollars alone and then add the cost of cover charges; an average party of five people will save $220 by booking though Save that money for drinks and dances — the way it should be. If you are looking for the best Las Vegas strip clubs, is here to point you in the right direction with our unbiased “Best strip clubs in Las Vegas” list. Remember since we are not on the kick back dole, we have the leverage to give an honest opinion about what clubs are the best Sin City has to offer. Regardless of where you decide to spend your time and money, you will find that Las Vegas strip clubs raise the bar for adult entertainment with plush surroundings, and the most talented and beautiful entertainers in the world.


A diverse spectrum of Vegas Strip Clubs.

Visitors to Sin City have many Las Vegas strip clubs to choose from, each with its own personality, but all with a great reputation for offering guests the best adult entertainment their money can buy. There’s something for everyone when it comes to Las Vegas strip clubs. Most of the strippers in the city’s upscale venues have professional pole training and every single one knows what it takes to whip the crowd into frenzy. Each club offers a unique experience with multiple stages and VIP rooms for guests who want to indulge in a private performance or two. You will find multiple clubs located on Industrial Road sandwiched between I-15 and Las Vegas Boulevard. Déjà vu Showgirls, Treasures, Sapphire and the Spearmint Rhino are just a few of the strip clubs that operate in this part of town. If you prefer to see dancers strip down to their birthday suits, the Palomino Club and Little Darlings have what you are looking for. Little Darlings is an 18 and over club located a little further north and features Club G, the city’s only fully nude glow party, every Monday night with special guest DJs. The Palomino Club is the oldest establishment of its kind in Sin City, and the only one where you can see all nude performances while sipping on alcoholic beverages. Please browse our top ten Best Las Vegas Strip Club list for booking and more information.

What kind of girls will I find stripping at these clubs?

The girls stripping in Las Vegas are a pretty diverse group at depending on the time of year is estimated to be about ten thousand strong between all the clubs. They come from all walks of life and range from professionals who have been in the game for over a decade to the cliched college student striping their way through school. Every ethnicity is represented. Asians of all variety, europeans, latinas, ebony, and I once worked at a club that had one Eskimo stripper. In the topless clubs all the girls are 21 and up and range in age from early 20s to mid 40’s. If they still have the look, still have the body, and still have the passion to strip the clubs don’t discriminate. If the younger set is your thing, all the girls under 21 dance at the all nude venues. Little darlings and Palomino club are easily the best when it come to young all nude dancers. Overall (and speaking from experience) most Las Vegas strippers are sexy fun girls who enjoy what they do, and would rather work in a party environment than work a desk job. Don’t be shy — they’re at the club to hang out and entertain you! Maybe you want to spice things a bit more with girls to the room, try calling for some Las Vegas Escorts. These high class companions are up for anything, provided from a licensed Las Vegas escort agency.

What I would do if I was this nearly tapped-out gambler at the D is hop a Vegas Strip bus north to one of Las Vegas‘ premiere strip clubs, Palomino Club ,

Whats average for drink prices and bottle service?

This question comes up a lot and the simple answer is it varies. To address this question we have included an average beer price, average drink price, and average bottle price in each club\’s description page. For groups of five guests or more we do recommend you consider bottle service. It makes a huge difference in your experience at the strip club. Seating is always limited, and Vegas strip clubs do fill up especially on the weekend. Bottle service guarantees your party a great seat and a table. Mixers are always included and you will get a VIP waitress dedicated to your section. How often do you find yourself at a Vegas strip club? Spend some money and live a little, you will thank us later.

How much are the dances?

Vegas strip club industry standard is $20 per song on the main floor. This can vary and we have heard of floor dances as much as $30. Vip rooms are a different story and again vary from club to club. Most Vegas VIP rooms have drink and/or bottle minimums, although some do not. The VIP is time based and is priced as such: the more time you decide to spend with an entertainer in the VIP, the more money it will cost. Industry standard is 3 songs for $100, half an hour from $250 to $300, and an hour from $400 to $500. The best advice we can give when it come to the matter of paying entertainers for dances is agree on the price before she starts the dance and remember one more song is one more $20 spot.

Las Vegas Strip clubs;

Arrive in style to the top strip club in Las Vegas. We offer complimentary shuttle pick up from your hotel to the only Full Nude Club in Vegas that serves alcohol. We won’t leave you hanging at the end of the night – this ride is round trip!

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Come visit the worlds largest strip club in Las Vegas and experience the hottest scene on the strip! Book a reservation for the time of your life today!

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