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Sleeping with Aunty in a Saari

Sleeping with Aunty in a Saari

aunt, aunty, fantasy, mature, saari, Sleeping Lady Sex Stories, Teenage, YoungSleeping with Aunty in a Saari Hello everybody! This is Sunny with a fantasized story. I fantasize a lot about touching; feeling and fondling big-breasted females and also beautiful, voluptuous bellies, deep holed navels. I love females wearing saris and revealing. I can give them lot of pleasure, fondling and pampering. I also love to keep my erection for a longer period and enjoy it. Sometimes I enjoy my erection for many numbers of days. I am married hence “No Sex My Horny Bhabhi” with others. Only fore playing and fondling. This fantasy is about, when I am of around 18 years of age. The place where I live is Mumbai and in my neighboring flat I have this beautiful aunty. Her name is Surekha, 35 years and a sexy lady with a nice figure of 36C-30-38. She is a housewife. She was really gifted with an inviting and voluptuous body. In addition, her assets were pink lips, black wide-open eyes, black long soft & silky hair, a round large deep cut navel and a milky white physique, which are able to drive any perfect man crazy sexually. Sometimes during the day she used to come to our house to speak to my mother. At home she was always careless about the way she dressed. Hence from the very beginning I used to watch her. The way she dressed was just sexy and beautiful. She always used to wear blouses and sari way below her navel. She had long white, voluptuous, fleshy tummy and a big round deep reddish navel. The curve formation below her navel was just too beautiful. It was protruding out so that one can move the hands and enjoy the heavenly feeling. Whenever she came to our house, I used to see her bulky, bulging, shining tummy with sexy navel and also glimpse at the size of her breasts and her cleavage. I always used to masturbate thinking of her. She had two sons. One was about 6 years and the other was just around 1 year old. Sometimes I used to go to play to her house with her sons. This gave me good time to watch her beauty. While doing the household work, sometimes she would be careless about her pallu and it would cover only half part of her stomach. Sometimes the pallu would not cover one of her big breast. Her pallu used to get folded unintentionally off her shoulder from one side sometimes, and this would give me an ample view of her sides of her big round, firm and tight breasts. They stood out straight and were not sagging and leaning downwards. Sometimes I thought that how she would be taking care of those two heavy round globes ? How she would be cleaning them? Would they be so tight and straight if the two huge mangoes were out of the blouse ? The sight of half stomach and one big rajapuri mangoe revealed would make me mad. Her big breasts, her stomach with the big navel would bulge and sway like that of a belly dancer as she walked around the house doing her daily household work. Her hips would also move up and down sexily as she walked. I noticed that sometimes when it was hot while doing household work, she used to unbutton the last two hooks of her blouse and slip her pallu in front of me to wipe the sweat on her face, hands, cleavage and tummy. She used to wear a little (not much) low cut blouse and I could see her cleavage valley, which was white, heavy, smooth and deep. This used to give me immediate hard-ones. Once during rainy season, her husband was on tour for around one week. It was raining very heavily. Surekha Aunty asked my mother whether she could send her son (that is me) to sleep at her house daily till her husband returns, as she was afraid sleeping alone in the house. My mother said yes for it. I was overjoyed and waited for the moment of night falling. I had no other knowledge and bad intentions, but only spending time and watching my dream aunty was enough for me. At last the night came and after dinner my mother told me to go to surekha auntie’s house to sleep. My auntie had finished her daily household work and was watching some of her favorite TV serials. At around 11.00 p.m auntie switched off the TV and arranged the bed. She arranged my and her elder sons bed on the floor besides the bed, while she planned to sleep with her younger son on the bed. All the while since I had come to her house, I was just watching her, and her beautiful assets. I had feelings in my mind that how can I touch her body, feel her, move my hands on her long silky belly, put my fingers in her deep velvety navel, at least touch and feel the size of her bablas (breasts). She used to treat me like a child. Hence I knew that even if I touched her she would not mind or care for it. But I knew that if I tried any such thing it might be dangerous for me, because I would get the electric shock from her body and it would shiver my whole body. So I had to control my self and my erection. At around 11.30 p.m we all went to sleep. My aunty and her new baby were sleeping on the bed. I was sleeping near to the bed close to my aunty. Her elder son was sleeping next to me. It was raining very heavily outside. The lights from the ground was lighting up the room. I could not sleep as my princess aunty was sleeping so close to me, but I could not feel her. I was holding my rod, which was getting out of control and pampering it since the lights were switched off. The time was around 2.30 a.m in the night. I got up and went to the toilet and cleared my tank, which was full of water. I did not masturbate as I was enjoying my erection. I came to the room and saw my aunty sleeping. Oh my God, She was so beautiful and sleeping so sexily. Her pallu had slipped from her long stomach, but her firm breasts were covered which were still standing straight and erect and gazing at the ceiling of the room. The lights coming from the ground was enough to show her beautiful body and curves. I sat down besides her on the bed and watched her beauty from close by. I was getting out of control. My erection had become straight and was stiff. The rains outside were getting heavier. Thundering and lightning had also started. The same feelings were inside me. I thought that this is my only chance. I thought and planned that I will sleep besides her. There was enough space for me to sleep comfortably. I also planned that if she got up and questioned anything, then I would answer her that “I am afraid of the heavy rains, thundering and lightning outside, so please allow me to sleep with her “. I knew that she would not mind also. Having that confidence in my mind, I slowly crawled on to bed and slept besides her. She was sleeping on her back straight. I turned towards her and slowly kept my hands on her soft long tummy. My hands now were slowly moving over her tummy. I had to be careful not to wake her up. I was feeling her stomach, its softness and started to press it gently. My erection was very tight. I reached her navel and put my one finger inside her plump fleshy navel. I lay there motionless enjoying it for few minutes. After sometime I moved my hands a little below her navel and cupped the protruding belly and started rubbing it slowly. I was doing all this very very slowly step by step enjoying myself and also taking care that my aunty does not get up. It was a heavenly feeling for me, and a dream come true, which I had never thought off. My aunty was in deep sleep. At this moment, I felt like moving my hands a little below on her pussy and just feel it. But suddenly the younger son sleeping besides my aunty started to cry. I alerted myself and removed my hands from her stomach and moved little away from her. My aunty moved and turned her back towards me and controlled her baby and made him sleep, who had woken up because of the thundering noise outside. I waited for sometime, to get my aunty a deep sleep again. My confidence had become much stronger. I touched my auntie’s hands to assure myself that she was fast asleep. Slowly I put my hand on her hand and waited there for sometime. After a while I moved my hand and put it on her navel area and began feeling it. The belly had become softer and the navels mouth had opened a little more widely with all the pressure coming on one side. I slept like that for sometime and enjoyed the feel of her soft belly and curvy navel. Now, I was planning something very dangerous. I moved my hand away for a while. After few minutes suddenly and slowly I put my hands on her breasts area. The pallu had slipped and was lying on her neck, between her face and the breasts. My hands were now lying on both her breasts. Oh my God, She was not wearing a bra. I think maybe it was comfortable to feed her baby with the breast milk. I put it there motionless for few minutes. I cannot express my feelings. The two huge fleshy balls were under my hand. They were very huge and tight as well as soft. My erection had also become very tight, as if it would explode now with all, what it contained. Slowly, then I started gripping one of her breasts with my palm. I began to assess the shape and size of it. I could feel its softness in my hands. I began to gently squeeze her breasts, the way an auto/bus driver blows the horn. I was now getting bolder and was squeezing it much harder. She moved slightly and let out a feeble moan and again went into deep sleep. I located her nipple and started to draw circles around it, along the areola. That act was miraculous, sending shivers throughout my body. I took a nipple between my thumb and index finger and started pressing it gently at first, later a little harder than earlier. Oh my god! Her breasts were god’s creation. They were huge with big areola and inch long fat nipples. After sometime, I exchanged with her other breast for my fondling. This went on for nearly 20 minutes. I was at my full enjoyment feelings and began to think how I could see them naked, play with them, squeeze them and suck them like juicy mangoes. As I was moving my hand I felt that her last two buttons of the blouse were opened. Now carefully I began to move my hand downwards towards the unbuttoned area. Suddenly I felt a gap opening. I moved my hands inside the blouse where the gap had been formed due to the pressure of the top breasts lying on top of the other as she was sleeping on her sides. Oh wow, they were the two balls. I felt the skin and roundness of the first one. After a while I felt the second one. The boobs were really very solid and beautiful. I could feel only a very small portion of the balls from the gap. But whatever it may be this was my first touch of the female boobs. I was getting mad and out of control now. But I had to control myself to enjoy all this that was happening to me. I slept like that for quiet sometime enjoying the breasts. In between I would also put my hand on top of her breasts, nipples, move my hands on her long stomach and cup the navels as well. It was just a fantastic feeling. After sometime I took away my hand from her body and slowly kept it on her hips. I began to assess the size of her hips and slowly moved my hands all over it. It was big, smooth, spongy, sexy and fleshy. I thought “It would be so nice if she would have been naked sleeping like this. I would have my hands moved all over her breasts, navels and hips. Suddenly she moved a little. I removed my hands from her body with speed. She turned on her back and then turned towards me. She was unaware of the fact that I was sleeping besides her. She was not touching me nor was I. I pretended to be asleep and waited for sometime. Then slowly I opened my eyes to see a beautiful sight. She was facing me and her pallu had slipped from her soft belly and big breasts, and the whole deep cleavage valley was in front of me. I was just staring at them and the two shining globes were eyeing me, staring at me inviting me. I controlled my feelings, which were getting out of control. The pressure of one breast on another was creating that huge cleavage. Now I could see the formation of her breasts much clearer. Her nipples were exactly in the center of her blouse and also in the center of big roundness balls. I came a little closer to her and sniffed her cleavage. I wanted to keep my face on the cleavage and sleep like that till morning. My aunty moved a little again and assuming me to be a pillow, took me closer to herself. Oh my god, that was heaven. My face was on her cleavage and my lips were in between those two valleys, kissing them. I wanted nothing else. I slept like that till morning. I was enjoying my erection. In the morning my aunty turned again and her back was towards me. Not to get caught and to keep enjoying for the coming days, I thought it better to get up and sleep at my original place on the ground, besides the bed, which I did. Now I knew that auntie’s sleep was very tight and I had to sleep for the days until uncle returned. It was my only pleasure and luck, which I did not want to miss. I began to make different plans in my mind as to how I can see the maximum of her. She had a baby and I knew that she used to boob feed her. I thought of grabbing that opportunity and have her boobs in my mouth and suck her milk, which I will tell you in another story.

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