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How lost my virginiti

All characters in d story are fictitious any relation with any living or dead or about to b born 😛 is just coincidental.. To tell about myself, I weigh 156 pounds, and height 6?1?, needless to say I am big. Monica was a kind a bossy person a total dislike of any traditional family. Let’s just say that, she was experienced but not a marriage material. Though she was rich and had slept with nearly half a dozen people including her 2 ex-fiancés, she never tried to change herself.
The aspect of being rich was always in her blood, so she always believed that she, being a daddy’s princess, would get anything she wished. But again the things she wanted the most included kinkiness and who would oppose that! Have you ever been laid? “, she said it with a good ease, as if it were a pretty casual statement like: ” Have you had breakfast?! What kind of question was this? She was my friend’s elder sister. And so it was weird talking to her for such questions. Though she was hot, but there are certain boundaries.
Sweet lord no!!’ would have been a good answer but, nothing came out of my mouth I had never been that nervous before. It was first time that I was baffled so much by one freaking question. Singing competitions and periodic extempore on stage had made me bold, at least at talking! I swallowed my nervousness and gestured a ‘no’ with exclamation. Then she made a pun by saying,” Oh Good! You are still a virgin? “, after anticipating a blank look on my face. She couldn’t hold down her laughter and busted, Realizing that I was still not joking she added,
No! Are you kidding me? I mean you look so handsome. You must be at least 25, right? Still from the shock of what she had asked so casually before, I answered to her next aftershock ” No, 20?. Words were not my best friend that day. She suddenly drew closer and even winter couldn’t help me from perspiring. ” No! but I could say that you work out. Your body is much mature then your age says it to be. I mean you fill that sweater nicely and saying that out of nowhere her hands started squeezing my triceps,” I rarely make out with any virgins
Again an inappropriate set of words from a daughter of a teacher. Saying this she started touching my shoulder, and then sliding them through my tingling belly to my thighs. Inch by inch passion began to grow and every muscle in my body squeezed. My mind was suddenly two personalities, one said to go for it and another said that it would be wrong. But as she tried her hands further up where there was very little room for me to grow, the obsessed desperate bastard devil inside me began overpowering the selfless angel.
This was a new experience. I mean I had seen many movies, heard many Casanovas but. But nowhere was the girl I imagined would turn out to be so hot. Her curves were perfect. Starting from proper cups of her chest her flaunting skin began, she was a nymph. Soft skin kind a like a calendar girl in a bikini. Her tight jeans revealed her perfect ass. I imagined myself unbuttoning her blouse and she unzipping me. And suddenly it wasn’t just an imaginary feeling. This was different. I didn’t know that arousal could occur at many points. The next thing I knew, her wet tongue was humping with mine.
The mundaneness vanished. I was suddenly in a different fantasy land, where, when, what was happening I couldn’t understand. And all I could feel was insane but sensuously caressed kissing against my lips. I never predicted how different it would be in real world. As I was enjoying the smooth touch of her hands on my lower back. The tissues there turned tight straight away. She pulled my frontal body and touched it with hers. I could feel her silky bra through her tee-top.
And I knew that she could feel me too. The only difference was that my parts were turning stiff faster. As she started stripping a wolf inside me began yowling. She had a sweet voice, a voice that could easily give an orgasm to a caller. She said,” Why don’t you hurry up.” It was proved true that, God gave us men a penis and a brain and only enough blood to work one out. Her low tone boosted me to start uncovering myself. My heart started beating faster for it was the first time I was going to see a naked woman.
My legs felt numb and my hands started to shake. Seeing that I was nervous, she helped me in getting discreet. I lifted her body and wedged it firmly with an equal force between my rigid torso and the erect wall…My anxious fingers that were intermingled with hers were eager to touch her private fun points. Trying to slide between positions thus kissing and teasing her neck. She moaned. My hands automatically found their desire through the groove between her perfectly split chest to her flawless shiny legs.
Her tender but firm cleavages guided all my attention away from her eyes. Spreading her legs apart I knelt between them. With a single thrust, I entered her and then again and again in a vibrating force, while my hands moved upwards to tease her nipples and then downwards to rub the hard on thus created. The jolting force made her insane with desire. She began to moan with pleasure as if infinite crackers were bursting in her.
I still remember my tight balls smacking her Hiny. I felt the blood rush through my body to a single point, and my legs began to tingle and weaken. She came out with a burst and so did I. As soon as I completed I felt that I owned the room around her. Her Satisfied body radiated my splashes I was no longer naïve I couldn’t believe that I did it, I saw her soaking in my arms sleeping like a quenched baby. I felt at the top of the world.

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