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My younger sister Tony part-2

My younger sister Tony part-2

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Hello readers….Mohit is back again with his true a previous story i have explained physical relations with my friend hot sister tanya and than i have done a nasty act with my younger sister Tony. now what happened next? enjoy the true story………..Tony ,a hot gal with slim figure,age of 22 yrs.,her tight breasts are awesome and her bum,when she moves look like two pumpkins are hitting each other.I have seduced my younger sister but her reaction was positive,so when i find her alone in the home i slapped on her bum or massage her boobs on tops,never she resisted but always smiled on my act,that provoked me for physical act. we both in a routine manner go to our classes nd never bunk it,because too many lecturers belongs to our afternoon in the lunch break she…..”mohit my class will remain suspended….than……..lets move to outskirt of town……why not.” i thought that was her green signal for physical act.we left college premises and went near iglo lake,but we have opted some other place,that was safe,secure and a natures paradise,sitting on ground i was looking her,wearing a tight jeans and tops,i kissed her face and kept my hand on her boobs,she came on lap and gave her tongue in my mouth,i was sucking her tongue while rubbing her back,both were enjoying french kiss ,than she started kissing me and ……. Fuck my wife 3 Days of Watching my Wife Fuck

”tony…….haan mohit……jeans mein problem hoti hai,skirt hi pehan kar…….its my problem mohit.” i took out her tops and was massaging her boobs,but she stopped me,standing in front of me she unbuttoned her jeans……i removed her tight jeans,now tony was standing in front of me wearing bra and panty,looking hot and wild….i was touching her legs as well as thighs……”now have u any problem[i sit on my knees,started kissing her thighs with hand massaging her bum]…… problem my darling.” i was kissing her waist and than standing in front of tony i started kissing her lips,she removed my dress except my undies…we both were kissing each other, than i removed her bra and took her chuchi to my mouth,wo mere chuttar ko sahlakar madmast ho rahi thi,dusri chuchi ko chusne laga aur uske G string panty ko kholkar gaand sahla raha tha,wo……”aah,ooohh,ore jor se chuso na meri chuchi……hai re bur mein kitni khujli ho rahi hai……”than i left her boobs,we both were completly nude…….in natural paradise our physical act were going smoothly, than she sit on her knees and started kissing my thighs…..legs and even my ass,when she started licking my ass hole i was feeling the heat…”oh no……..leave it baby….” but she licked it for some time and than started kissing my penis,its rock hard and of 8-9 inches,i think my penis is of medium size but my ability of delayed ejaculation can make any hot gals/women satisfy…rolling her tongue on my penis she took it in her mouth and i pulled her hair,she was moving her head fast for blow job;when her head was still,i was penetrating her mouth with my penis,my pre cum started ooazing from it and than tony took my penis out of her mouth,licked the pre cum and we took rest for while,both were sitting on ground……she was on my lap,massaging her boobs…..”tony today i will fuck u in a different position….sure but how?…..missionary position first than u will be on my lap stretching your legs and i will’……………….but mohit this position will hurt me more…….no.” tony zameen par leti the aur main uske dono pawn ko alag karke hawa mein kiya,issey uski chuttar thodi upar ho gayi aur main lund ko bur ke muhn par rakhkar halka saa dhakka diya…..1/2 lund bur mein tha ,phir jor kaa dhakka diya aur pura lund uske bur mein tha,she screamed loudly……”uuey maa…..aah…….oooh,meri bur phat gaye,ab apna musal lund nikal lo saale……………[i was fucking hard….harder….hardest] chupchap musal lund kaa maja ley randi………[wo ab apna gaddedar chuttar up down karne lagi aur main uske badan par letkar chudai karta raha] bahut maja aa raha hai,aur jor se chod na…….[kissing her lips] abe chuddakar abhi to bur phat rahi the,phir ……..haan be saale,saat din pehle to bur kaa seal tuta hai,abhi bur kaa rasta khulne to de phir kaise tere lund se chudti hoon,maalum pade gaa.” then her chut bacame wet,leaning on her i started kissing/licking and sucking her chut. phir tony ko zameen par se uthakar baithaya,main zameen par baitha tha,wo jhukkar lund ko chusi,phir main uske kamar ko thaama,thoda uppar kiya aur uske dono pawn do disha mein the,uske bur ke samney mera musal lund tha,ab bur aur lund aek dusre kaa didar kar rahe the,tony mere lund ko thaamkar apne bur mein ghusaane lagi,uski bur raseely the aur abhi wet bhi tha,1/2 of my penis was in her chut..both were enjoying sexual act………”darling ab apne gaand ko dheerey-2 nichey karo…….[she was pushing her bum downwards to have my full penis in it,3/4th of penis was inside and i gave hard push from below and she moaned loudly………”baap re kitne mota lund hai,nahi bardast hota……[i was slowely fucking her] only for 5 minutes than u will enjoy it.” aur mein tony ko dheerey-2 4-5 minute tak choda aur wo abb maja le rahi thi,i was fast fucking her from below and she was complementing me while moving her ass up and down,hum dono aek dusre ko kaskar thaamey hue the aur main tony ko goud mein bithakar chod raha tha aur wo ab teji se apne maansal gaand ko up dwn kar rahi thi……”aah bahut maja aa raha hai rohan,chodte raho…..haan be chuddakar,teri shaadi se pehle tujhe chudwaane mein expert bana dunga……..” i was fucking her for 20 minutes and near to …..lastly we both ejaculated at a time and my white fluid were in her chut,she took a deep breath, dono aek dusre ke lund/bur ko chusse/chumme aur tony.”bahut maja aaya rohan…….mujhe bhi.”then we took rest and went to our home………so readers ……”MY YOUNGER SISTER TONY WITH HER CLASSMATE” will soon be published,but i will request all of you to masturbate at least once in the name of TONY………bye.

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